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  • PS5 Review: The Next Generation Gaming is Lit

    PS5 Review: The Next Generation Gaming is Lit

    PS5 Review it is, brace yourselves as we are taking you to a review of the next-gen gaming console. Let’s hop straight into it, shall we?

  • PS5 Initial Market Feedback

    PS5 Initial Market Feedback

    I know some of you have loved it and god damn it, some of you did hate it. PS5 has a polarized design that created polarized views. PS5 showcase gave people a lot to talk about, including game developers. Fans as well as developers both were pretty hyped up.

  • PlayStation 5 is coming

    PlayStation 5 is coming

    Good days for gaming fans are about to come as Playstation 5 is arriving this year. With an ocean of fans desperately waiting for this news, they have finally announced, officially, that it will be out for the public in November or December 2020. Yes! it\’s true. The device is coming with many sizzling updates…