• VOID – Humans Have Lost The War Against Machines – Play and Earn Game on Solana

    VOID – Humans Have Lost The War Against Machines – Play and Earn Game on Solana

    Void is an online AAA multiplayer NFT Play and Earn game in which you can customize your characters’ appearances while earning through various solo and squad-based battling modes. Whether you are a warrior, a host, a spectator, or a cast member, you will be completely immersed in the three breathtaking worlds and arenas that are completely controlled by the players.

    The game is being built on the SOLANA blockchain, which means that players will be able to make quick transactions with minimal fees. Moreover, the game is utilizing Unreal Engine 5, this alone raises the bar for AAA blockchain games. The game is set fully launch at the beginning of 2023.

    The game is not free to play, but play to earn. In order to play the game you must first own an NFT player.

    VOID Storyline

    Humans have lost the war against machines and the planet has become a wasteland. While the humans gathered their artillery to destroy these AI-based machines. The machines had used their ever-increasing intelligence to move the Earth from its axis causing a modern ice age that almost completely wiped out the human population.

    Those who managed to live now struggle to survive. Humans hide from the robots, who now consider humans as playthings rather than a threat. There is a massive arena in the middle of the city where rogue humans are caught and sent to battle for their lives.

    Game Characters

    Players that start with a basic character can choose between evolving classes, each has more than 60 skill options. You can alter appearances to make your NFT stand out. Characters can have one of 5 classes ranging from common to legendary.

    There are also 4 main characters in the game:

    Anders Bowden

    Anders lives in the shadows of the city, he wears a suit made from the carcasses of old robots. Survival has been his whole life and now after his family is gone, their teachings are all he has left.

    MP Regar-0712

    Sleek and ruthless, the MP bots are amongst the most feared adversaries in the Voids universe. These bots are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which make it easy for them to hunt humans.

    Adofo Ayad

    Adofo has spent more than 15 years at the top of the Coliseum rankings, making him a true exception to the rule. He received his unique armor as a reward from the robot race for smashing all previous records. While he enjoys showing off his tremendous skills in battle, he is just biding his time, looking for the right moment to escape.

    VOID Ayad Void - Play To Earn - NFT -Solana
    Ayad VOID


    Evora is in charge of making sure that the battles at the main coliseum go off without a hitch. She is quick and merciless in her actions. She is quick and ruthless to eliminate any signs of threat, even if it comes from one of her own friends.

    Game Modes & Earning

    Each and every item—whether it is a weapon, armor, arena, or treasure is a distinct NFT that may be exchanged on the Open Market.

    Fight to Earn

    Beat your opponents to get in-game rewards like a new rifle.

    Quest to Earn

    Discover the vast open world as you complete missions, solve riddles, and earn rewards.

    Build to Earn

    If you are more of a creator than a destroyer, you can create weapons, armor, and many other in-game assets that can be sold on the marketplace.

    Stake to Earn

    Just sit back and watch your assets grow, while other players play to earn for you.

    Collect to Earn

    Step out into the world and find legendary items while you fight, hide and run to stay alive.

    Host to Earn

    You can charge users at the point of entry after creating your private arena.

    Void - Play To Earn - NFT -Solana

    Team & Partners

    The main team has a highly experienced team of developers that are collaborating to provide users with a dynamic gaming experience. Moreover, their recent partnership announcement with Genblock CapitalOnly1alliesAnti FundCyberFi SamuraiDutch Crypto Investors, and DuckDAO with further improve the quality.


    VOIDcoin is used as the universal currency. Moreover, you can use the VOIDcoin in both the game and on public trading platforms. You can use the token to buy items within the game or exchange it for other forms of crypto or fiat money. Each item be it a gun, armor, treasure, or arena NFTs can be exchanged on the open market.

    Voids Marketplace

    The game’s very own marketplace consists of players, weapons, armor, and arenas. Each category consists of different classes of items and if that is not enough they have also introduced a black market. You can buy rare and uncommon items from the black market. Moreover, you can also buy VOIDcoin directly from the website.

    Final Word

    The game is promising, unique, and has a captivating storyline. VOID lets you evolve, enhance, and upgrade as a game character with a lot of personalization. The game is the one to look forward to next year. It will surely add a lot of value to play and earn games.

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  • Cyball — Football NFT Game

    Cyball — Football NFT Game

    This is for our football (US: soccer) fans where we discuss one of the first football and cyborg-themed blockchain NFT card game known as Cyball. The game has a unique combination of football and cyborgs where you will fight and conquer your enemies using your NFT cyborgs, of course, in a football duel. So, start by building your NFT cyborg team and wage war against other cyborgs. Cyball has a unique combination of aesthetic visuals, and exciting gameplay, and runs on BSC and Ethereum both. Moreover, it requires strategy skills to come up with a perfect team to top leaderboards. The game has a lot to offer with several game modes which will hook you up to the game for hours.

    Cyball Gameplay, Cyblocs, and More

    Bad news ahead, the game is not free to play and you got to have at least three Cyblocs to begin playing. But don’t despair as there are two methods to acquire Cyblocs. One, you can search for an available guild and become a scholar to receive NFTs in exchange for revenue share. Or you can go directly to the game’s marketplace and get your hands on the NFTs. So, having three Cyblocs in your wallet is necessary.

    Cyball Cybloc

    Each team features three Cyblocs having six traits each. The traits include tackling, passing dribbling, shooting, crossing, and physical. Additionally, they have a default base rating with players having one point option to add 1+ to their favorite trait, the cap is 100. Cyblocs are available online or you can trade in the marketplace.

    Cyblocs Rarity and Traits

    Cyblocs have a class and rarity scales and are divided into 5 rarities: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. These classes have a direct impact on Cybloc’s overall range and skill set of traits. Traits are important as they make or break a Cybloc’s character and personality. These traits come in three levels and the classification goes common, rare, and super rare.

    The Gameplay

    The gameplay requires a player to select one of five tactics based on strategy. A player may choose ultra-defensive, defensive, balanced, attacking, or ultra-attacking. At the beginning of each round, you will put your best Cybloc in the said skill (highlighted skill) to win the round. There is also an action card that will also come in handy to assist the card in play.


    Cyball In-game Modes

    The game has several in-game modes if you are not too impressed by a mere 1v1. The game modes offer League tournaments with players fighting to top the leaderboard. These league games have new seasons after a while with a lot of rewards. Moreover, the game also offers tournaments, as well as training besides exhibition matches. The tournaments are invite-only events with organizers inviting players to play them.

    Cyball Tokenomics

    So, what about Cyball’s play to earn mechanics and in-game economics? Geeky questions but important ones. The game has a two-token economy; Cybloc Battery Token (CBT) and Cyball Token (CYB).

    Cybloc Battery Token (CBT)

    It is the primary currency of the game and will help you make every kind of transaction in the game. You can earn the token by winning against opponents in the game. The Token uses Ethereum and BNB.

    Cyball Token (CYB)

    Cyball Token CYB is the governance token of the game, it is an ERC 20 and BEP 20 token. The only way you can earn this token is by Staking, participating in leagues and tournament matches, and supporting the game’s ecosystem. The CYB token will let players take part in Cyball’s governance, and or mentor new CyBlocs. The developers are still working on getting the ideal economic system for the game.

    Final Word

    Cyball has a future and it is here to stay thanks to a dedicated development team behind the project. Despite the crypto winter, the team continues to throw in new updates to keep improving the game. Recently, they have joined hands with Polygon Studios to further expand and cement its position in the blockchain gaming ecosystems.

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  • Get to Know Gala Games, a Leading Player in Blockchain Games

    Get to Know Gala Games, a Leading Player in Blockchain Games

    Gala Games made it to the industry only a few years ago in 2019 and was among the pioneers of the Play to Earn games. It stood out from the rest because the company was rewarding players with tokens (GALA) for playing games on their platform in 2020 which was something out of the box at that time. So, how did Gala Games make it so big in such a less time? Stay with us today to get to know about Gala Games and what it has to offer.

    Gala Games Team

    The magic lies in the team, and you will get footprints of the massively popular Zynga Games here. There were 60 developers working on the platform, which has more than 1.3 million active users right now. Eric Schiermeyer is the project’s CEO. Another notable accomplishment of Eric’s is that he was a founding member of the renowned social game company Zynga.

    Their main objective was to create a blockchain-based gaming network that would give players more control and ownership over games. Moreover, they aim to make blockchain gaming simple so that even those new to the blockchain concept can have fun playing and earning.

    Gala Games - Blockchain Games - Play to Earn
    Gala Games – Blockchain Games – Play to Earn

    How do Gala Games Operate?

    Just imagine an online gaming platform like Miniclip or Steam but all the games that you play are powered by the blockchain. Also, all the play to earn games that you find here are free to play. These games are played through dApps or commonly known in the blockchain industry as Decentralized Applications.

    A long-standing concept, play-to-earn games and blockchain-powered games with assets completely owned by users is nothing new. Gala Games, however, stands out from the other platforms in this category thanks to a few unique characteristics.

    Gala Games is based on the Ethereum blockchain, but lately, the company used the p.Network Bridge DApp to connect the GALA token to the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 asset. As a result, users will be able to drastically reduce transaction costs when using or holding GALA tokens. Gala Games is also a community-driven platform. The platform’s network is powered by community-owned nodes. In order to evaluate which games and features are most well-liked by the community, the development team and operational staff frequently interact with them.

    Gala Games Online Store

    One thing to love about Gala Games is their online store. Thanks to its built-in marketplace, Gala Games makes it simple for users to buy and sell in-game assets. Also with help of this market, gamers may quickly get the funds they need to loot their games or buy new characters and gear to improve their gameplay.

    Gala Games - Blockchain Games - Play to Earn
    Gala Games – Blockchain Games – Play to Earn

    The Gala Token

    As you might have noticed that all projects as such have their own utility token and for Gala Games that token is called GALA. The primary digital asset in the Gala Games ecosystem is this token, which is used for a variety of functions including item purchases, peer-to-peer payments, and rewarding nodes.

    By running a Gala Node, players can also utilize the token to support the Gala Games network. If you don’t know how to set up a Gala Node, then click here. The user must first obtain a license in order to run a Gala Node. Once you’ve obtained a license, you can operate the node software from the convenience of your computer and receive rewards in the form of “rare” GALA and NFT tokens. Running a Gala Node is by no means cheap and prices change based on the market. Ethereum (ETH), GALA, or Basic Attention Token are all acceptable forms of payment (BAT). Something to keep in mind is that there is a 50,000-node limit that cannot be exceeded.

    How Much Are They?

    A fixed 50 billion token maximum supply is available for the GALA token. The project’s creators claim that 17,123,286 GALA tokens are awarded every day in total. The founding node’s operators receive fifty percent of this dividend. The Gala Games conservatory is where the other half goes.

    Gala Games has incorporated a halving cycle into its operation, just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do. The issuance is cut in half every year with halves, precisely on July 21. Therefore, by dividing the rate of issue to 8,561,643 GALA per day (this subsequent halving took place on July 21, 2022).

    Blockchain Games Under Gala

    For now, only 3 of these games are playable for users, while most of these games are set to release in 2023. The team is always sharing videos of the gameplay and how far each game has progressed in their communities.

    1. Spider Tanks
    2. Town Star
    3. Superior
    4. Champions Arena
    5. GRIT
    6. Fortitude
    7. Battlestar Galactica
    8. Eternal Paradox
    9. Town Crush
    10. The Walking Dead: Empires
    11. Legends Reborn
    12. Mirandus
    13. Legacy
    14. Last Expedition
    15. Echoes of Empire

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  • GRIT – A NFT Game, Wild West Battle Royale

    GRIT – A NFT Game, Wild West Battle Royale

    GRIT is a AAANFT wild west battle royale play to earn game that will surely wake your inner cowboy. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly see any new innovation in the battle royale genre, out came GALA Games with an answer. Now, to most traditional gamers, this game might not seem all that impressive, but those who have been dabbling their luck in the Play to Earn universe would undoubtedly disagree.

    The best way to describe this game would be to think of it as a combination of Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption. GRIT captures the beauty of the gun-slinging 18th-century Wild West America and the fun of Fortnite all in one. The graphics however aren’t up to par with what most traditional gamers would expect.

    But looking at most Play to Earn games, the graphics are still quite impressive and I can really picture people playing this for long hours because I certainly would.

    GRIT Gameplay

    GRIT stays quite close to the battle royale genre’s foundational elements, which were established by PUBG and Fortnite. Players jump and parachute onto the game’s map, then they arm themselves with what they can find and in order to win they must be the last one standing.

    However, the game does have some of its distinctive features for example the calamity storm that is ever-shrinking in the game, can also follow targets. It can follow players, horses, or even trains.

    Another distinctive element within the game is that if you die, you get a chance at a recall. After dying you will face another eliminated opponent in a PvP fight to the death, the winner gets the recall.

    The wild old west theme really catches the eye and a day/night cycle gives it that authenticity. I believe that players will really enjoy exploring the landscapes, farms, homes, forests, and unique in-game locations.

    GRIT - NFT Game - Battle Royale - Play to Earn - Gala Games
    GRIT – NFT Game – Battle Royale – Play to Earn – Gala Games

    Combat and Guns in GRIT

    The game will be played in a third-person view. You can ride horses and even drive trains in order to get around. The weapons would be old western styled and there are 4 main gun categories:

    • Handguns
    • Shotguns
    • Rifles
    • Snipers

    You will also have a range of melee and throwables, with special category guns which are unclear for now. The weapons will also be classed by color similar to what we see in Fortnite. Grey would be categorized as common with the lowest stats, green as uncommon, blue as rare, pink as epic, and finally orange as legendary.

    Players will also get to choose perks for their characters. Moreover, 225 million loadout variations and 20 different guns are promised by the developers. Players will have the option to play solo, duo, or with a squad. I think the idea of a western-styled gang would be a fantasy most players would live out in the squad’s mode.

    How to Play GRIT?

    Let’s start off with some good news. GRIT is a free-to-play game. Yes, you can enter and partake in the experience without having an NFT. You can just jump in and start playing to earn rewards and cosmetics through performances, which is a concept popularized by Fortnite. Or you may get a battle pass to have access to even more things.

    NFTs in GRIT

    Now comes the big play to earn question, will the free playable character that players get, be an NFT, and will customize it through winning prizes increase the value?

    I cannot give you an official answer on this, but through my experience, it probably won’t go down like that. You can enjoy playing with these characters and cosmetics on them will only add to the fun, not to your wallet.

    However, you do own items at the second tier. Your generative hero is going to be a crucial NFT. This is a character who will grow together with you persistently throughout the experience, developing their talents along certain class levels. Your hero will also come with his/her own cosmetics loadout, which hasn’t been explained all too well. I suspect the cosmetics will be unique to the hero’s category.

    An NFT might also be your horse. According to the paperwork, your character and horse may develop a stronger bond as you play more games together.

    Only 10,000 Generative Heroes available at the launch

    Now having a limited number of generative heroes only arouses one question among most P2E players. How many people will have the chance to own their own NFT? If for example there won’t be more playable NFTs launched after the initial ones, the price of each can skyrocket.

    GRIT - NFT Game - Battle Royale - Play to Earn - Gala Games
    GRIT – NFT Game – Battle Royale – Play to Earn – Gala Games

    I can honestly expect this game to have a massive playing audience since there is a good chance that it will probably be available on multiple platforms like most EPIC GAMES projects usually are.

    Similarly, how will the Horse NFT work? Will people rent horses from other players? Or will there be a breeding and selling option? So, many questions and for some, I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch.

    How does one Play to Earn in GRIT?

    You can earn the in-game Token GALA by performing well in the game and how much you earn will be based on your performance. Like in Fortnite, you can grind your way into buying yourself an NFT. This is probably the best news for most gamers. But, there are certain conditions in which you can earn even more.

    You will earn more GALA tokens if you have the battle pass. Additionally, if you own a Generative Hero, you will earn even more tokens. There isn’t any mention of this, but I do believe that since GRIT is a play to earn game, it might also reward you more for owning an NFT horse.

    For now, there has been no mention of horse breeding, renting, or in fact even a marketplace. But we all know that it is inevitable.

    EPIC GAMES’ Involvement is a Game Changer

    Honestly speaking looking at play to earn platforms. I believe that GALA GAMES is doing something really special and different from others, I have high expectations of them and EPIC GAMES certainly feels the same way.

    You see EPIC GAMES has a massive community and has had massive success with projects like Rocket League, Infinity Blade, Fortnite, and more. Fortnite alone has over 400 million registered users. They literally own the unreal engine, which has been involved in countless AAA games.

    EPIC GAMES market has more than 200 Million Users

    This means that the launch of GRIT, a NFT game, has a potential audience of over 200 million people. Moreover, it’s not like EPIC GAMES is doing GRIT a solid by featuring them in their store. Both companies are partnered on this project, which means that potentially the very best developers in the gaming industry are working on this together. The details of the partnership remain undisclosed, but EPIC GAMES is not known to take any silly risks.

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  • Blockchain Games And Metaverse Projects Continue Growing

    Blockchain Games And Metaverse Projects Continue Growing

    Blockchain games brave the crypto winter like no other according to a recent report by DappRadar. Video games remain the silver lining amid a ferocious crypto winter storm as it is still active in the adoption of blockchain technology

    Moreover, it also gets embraced by venture capitalist firms and continues to get noticed by them. The industry data shows a lot of promise in blockchain games and the figures do not lie.

    Blockchain Games And Metaverse Projects Continue Growing

    Blockchain video games continue to attract venture capitalists in the third quarter of 2022 despite the bear market. Among other digital assets, it’s the crypto gaming sector that is showing signs of long-term value as well as stability. 

    Alien Worlds and Splinterlands remain the two most played Web3 games, with over 160,000 daily UAW registered in September. Gameta, a gaming platform first deployed on Solana and now running on the BNB Chain, attracted over 1 million daily UAW in September.

    According to the report by DappRadar, blockchain games and metaverse projects raised $1.3 billion in Q3 between July and September. The figure, when compared to last year’s investment accumulation in Q3, is double in number. However, when compared to Q2 of 2022, it appears a decline of 48%.

    The standout domain in terms of investment is the Web3 metaverse projects and infrastructure which accounts for roughly 36%.

    As for the blockchain games, the number of unique active wallets records an increase of 8% month over month reaching 912.000. Moreover, 7 out of 10 blockchain games confirmed an increase in unique active wallet addresses. There are more and more multiple blockchain games with truly immersive game mechanics that take entertainment to the next level. Even tough the haters keep hating, this is what we expected.

    The total value locked also shows sign of recorvery with a 2.9% increase when compared to the previous quarter but it is not extraordinary as it is $250 billion less when compared to 2021. 

    The number of daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) that interact with blockchain dapps rose 12 percent to 1.81 million on average.

    DappRadar also notes that Web3 games continue to be the sole driving force for the dapp industry.

    As for blockchain technology, Ethereum remains the leader in Q2 2022 with a share of 69% among other chains. It also recorded an increase of 3.17% accumulating to $48 billion.

    The NFT domain sees a decline in the popularity of OpenSea Marketplace due to competition from new entrants; Magic Eden and X2Y2.

    The impact of blockchain games is also visible in the NFT market, where Gods Unchained cracked the top 5 collections by trading volume in September with over $18 million generated by its game assets. 

    Key Takeaways Dappradar

    • The number of unique active wallets in the blockchain gaming industry increased by 8% (912K) month-over-month, and its dominance remains over 48%.
    • Gameta, the new Web3 gaming platform on BNB Chain, became the most used dapp in September, surpassing PancakeSwap, with over 1.33 million unique wallets in the past 30 days.
    • In September, due to a P2E gaming tournament featuring significant in-game NFTs for winners, Benji Bananas, a game produced by Animoca Brands, had a rise in unique active wallets of over 2,400% from the previous month.
    • The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 has over 90 experiences, with 4 million people registered with a wallet, and over 200,000 daily active users.
    • Move-to-earn projects are gaining popularity and flourishing in this bear market. Sweat Economy minted a record-breaking 10,000 NFTs on Near Protocol, StepApp will be available for iOS and Android on December 1st and, OliveX, the digital fitness company that developed Dustland, collaborated with The Sandbox to develop the fitness Metaverse.
    • Blankos Block Party and Star Atlas, two online games using NFTs, became the first Web3 titles to be released on the major PC gaming marketplace Epic Games Store.
    • With over $18 million in sales in September, the digital collectible card game Gods Unchained climbed into the top 5 collections by NFT trading volume.
    • September’s investments were the lowest all year, only $156 million were raised by blockchain games and Metaverse-related projects. However, this month showed us that the industry never ceases to build.
  • Earn Money, Play Digital Cards — Splinterlands

    Earn Money, Play Digital Cards — Splinterlands

    Experience the mythical folklore around magical monsters, gorgeous creatures, and fiery beasts in this play to earn an NFT card game. The collectible card game is built on the Hive Blockchain with a lot of precious cards and several earning opportunities. It is an online multiplayer competitive card battling game that will have you as a summoner. If you are into card games and also have a knack to earn and make a side hustle, then this next-generation play-to-earn card game is the right fit for you. Join us today in reviewing one of the leading blockchains NFT games out there, Splinterlands.

    But before getting into the detailed review, if you are in a hurry, do check out our brief overview of the game here.


    Splinterlands takes massive inspiration from Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. Both these games are astronomically popular traditional digital card video games with die-hard solid fan bases and communities. Splinterlands take the idea from both these games and takes gaming to the next level where players can actually own digital cards that have a monetary value attached to them. A lot of promise resides with the game in terms of growth as well as earning potential.

    Splinterlands Game Review

    The game gives opportunity to the players to buy, sell, trade, rent, and collect NFT cards. The cards as well as the Splinterlands token hold great value in them. The game also gives rewards to skilled players, moreover, regular tournaments also provide skilled players to make real money. So, how do you start playing it?

    Splinterlands is essentially a free-to-play game but you will need to buy the spell book early on to get access to essential features. These features are important for a player to progress in the game. So, the idea is simple, get your hands on a summoner, build your deck of cards, and battle against other opponents in the arena to win rewards, and enjoy the glory.

    Meanwhile, check this beginner guide on the game if you are more interested in understanding classes, elements, summoners, and more.

    Splinterlands Twitter – Hive Blockchain

    Splinterlands Gameplay

    The game is online, where you are pitted against another online player live. The game will require you to design your deck in an ideal way to stay atop your opponent. Once you set your deck, the battles take place automatically depending on the stats of the cards. The cards will play themselves based on several attributes like speed, health, superpower, attack power, and more. Meanwhile, what you can do is just wait with your fingers crossed. Your main aim is to reach higher classes, expand your deck, refine your strategy and lock horns in big battles to reap massive rewards.

    The cards work just like other collectible card games. Each summoner has elements, and there are seven elements in Splinterlands. These elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon, and Neutral. A monster hailing from these elements will have a unique set of abilities including attack range, and even damage stats. And to top it all off, some cards are pretty rare and super precious. So all you need to do is to get your brain going to keep your strategy sharp.

    Renting Cards in the Game

    Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) is what you will keep an eye on and try to grab as much as you can. You will need to reach Bronze II to even begin accumulating DEC, needing at least 1000 CP (Collection Power). So to reach there, you will have to grind a lot. An easy way to save hundreds of hours is to get hold of renting cards. You can obtain 1000CP by paying rent in pennies. The rent is payable via Paypal or DEC. So rentals is what is keeping Splinterlands affordable and playable at higher levels.

    Splinterlands - NFT card game - Hive Blockchain
    Hive Blockchain

    So in the end, if you want to test this collectible card game, you just need to spare $10. You will have the luxury to enjoy the game. However, if you are coming in to make good hundreds of bucks, then you need to level up your skill, and strategy, and even pour in some more money. The best thing about the game is that it is addictive and holds the opinion of the community dear. The game’s Discord is a busy place where town hall meetings let gamers voice their opinion.

    Splinterlands - NFT card game - Hive Blockchain
    Splinterlands Twitter – Hive Blockchain

    Splinterlands will go a long way, it will improve and make necessary amendments as it progresses. It has a marketplace having more than 100,000 sales per day. It is a must-play NFT play to earn games for card game lovers. The opportunity to earn has made the game ultra-competitive at higher levels, so you need to gear up if you are eyeing a handsome income from the game. Or you can just casually play the game and have some fun whilst making lunch money.

    Stay with us for more on Splinterlands as we will discuss in upcoming blogs what is coming up for Splinterlands. Meanwhile, check out our blog on Pegaxy if you are more interested in horse racing.

  • How Play-and-Earn Pegaxy?

    How Play-and-Earn Pegaxy?

    Do you like horse racing and making money out of it? Then we have exactly the play to earn game that will let you earn cryptocurrency while having the thrill of horse racing at the same time. Let’s talk about the Pegaxy game today which has dual-earning potential in terms of NFT as well as cryptocurrency. The game has aesthetically eye-pleasing Pega NFT horses in combination with horse racing simulation via a random number generator. We will get to know about the game as well as how you can start playing it. If you are in a hurry, you can check our short game review of Pegaxy here.

    Pegaxy the Game

    Pegaxy is a unique name having two distinct realities in it; Pegasus and Galaxy. The game is basically an NFT game that requires no amount of skill as of yet. The game is a simulation game where the winning number is picked up randomly by the system. So, gamers who like to play skill based games will have to deal with a bit of disappointment. However, the game’s roadmap shows that the game will introduce skill-based gameplay later on.

    The Pega NFT

    So, the ‘gameplay’ is quite simple, you need a Pega NFT to start participating in the races. So, this rules out the free to play option right from the beginning. A Pega NFT is a mechanical Tron-like horse that will win races for you. As for the NFT, it has vibrant colors and several layers in it making it an eye candy. These aesthetically pleasing NFT horses also have several attributes like Speed, Strength, Lightning, Wind, Water, and Fire. However, these attributes won’t add much to the result of the race as of now. The developers are making the game more skill-based in the future where these horse features will come in handy depending on the race arena and environment.

    How to Play Pegaxy
    Pegaxy Twitter

    A Pro Tip

    So, if you want to try it out, go for the cheapest Pega as the cheapest and costliest are just the same because of RNG, you know.

    You can race a Pega a maximum of  25 times per day. Moreover, you will pay a gas fee before entering the blockchain race.

    Pegaxy Gameplay

    Once you get your hands on your NFT Pega, then it’s time for you to head into the race. You will race against other players with more or less the same kind of Pega. A total of 12 racers will fight for the first three positions. All the glory and money lie in the first three positions.

    Once the race starts, you just have to wait and see. The race is viewable in both 3D and 2D versions. The 3D experience is much better and makes it look like a game. However, the graphics still need a bit of tweaking as they are not smooth enough. The audio needs an overhauling as there is no audio of cheers, hooves, and audience at all. The only audio comprises occasional beeps and boops just like in the olden days of arcade games.

    VIS Reward and Tokenomics

    The top three horses win Vigorus (VIS) in-game crypto. The first position winner gets 105 VIS, the second 44VIS, and the third 26 VIS. At the time of writing, 1 VIS equals $0.00012862. Apart from VIS, there is also another token, the Pegaxy Stone (PGX). At the time of writing, it is worth $0.00829323. PGX is mostly used when renting out a Pega NFT to other players. Moreover, you can also stake PGX for generating a passive income.

    Pega NFT Breeding in Pegaxy

    Another significant aspect of the game involves horse breeding. The breeding requires two Pega NFTs and see what their infusion brings about. The breeding process allows players to mint a new Pega NFT and the surprise it holds is quite similar to the Pokemon card pack.

    The classification of breeding is simple in that you need to understand the bloodlines first. There are four bloodlines in total: Hoz, Campona, Klin, and Zan. These blood elements decide what type of horse breed you get: Pacer, Rarer, Epic, Legendary, and Founder. There is a cool-down mechanism in breeding, check out this well-explained Pegaxy breeding cool-down here.

    Pega NFT - Pegaxy - How to Play Pegaxy

    The Future Prospects of Pegaxy

    Pegaxy is eyeing the mobile platform in both iOS and Android. Moreover, Stadium NFTs are also in the works for which you will need to pay with Pega NFTs. Another important addition is coming in the shape of horse riders. These will be known as Perseus and they too will be NFTs. As for gameplay, the developers aim to create a Mario Kart experience in the game, which is something in the later stages of the game.

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  • You Did Not Play The Sandbox? Come on!

    You Did Not Play The Sandbox? Come on!

    Metaverse is a digital world to facilitate gaming, and online communities and virtually creates a reality for different purposes. Many blockchain play to earn game developers use metaverse to make a virtual space for elaborate gaming experiences. So, as for today’s game, the Sandbox is a metaverse platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. This enables its users to play games to earn, build, sell and buy gaming experiences using SAND, LAND, and other tokens. It became publicly available as an alpha release in 2021. First The Sandbox game review here.

    The Sandbox began as a game builder simulator but soon in 2018, it made a transition into a blockchain development unit by Animoca Brands, a tech brand. It gives its users the opportunity to come together to create and monetize new products and sell them through tokens. The monetization of the Sandbox is through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or the platform’s utility token which is SAND. It is proving to be popular among users and creators. On March 2022, Sandbox hit 2 million users.

    The Sandbox
    The Sandbox

    So, Why Should You Try The Sandbox?

    The Sandbox players can build their own virtual LANDs and can develop different sorts of games through the products created or bought in order to monetize them. The games created can also attract people from around the world to test the gaming experience by playing to earn features.

    Understand Sandbox

    The Sandbox includes three main parts; Vox Edit, marketplace, and game maker. Vox Edit or Voxel software is where the Sandbox users create their ASSETS using blockchain as NFTs. ASSETS can be anything from a building or a part of it. These ASSETS are using 3D pixels called voxels. These voxels will help you build any asset and are reusable according to every game or virtual reality. There is a high demand for ASSETS that you can buy right away and use in LAND parcels making new realities.

    The Sandbox Marketplace

    Then comes the marketplace, where these ASSETS are tradable with other users. These in-game ASSETS will let all users develop their games or products after buying. The ownership of these ASSETS or NFTs lies in the marketplace and it becomes the platform for exchanging, buying, and selling with monetary gains.

    The third feature of Sandbox is the game maker where the user can develop new 3D games and realities using the NFTs they created in the vox edit or they have bought from the marketplace. Absolutely no coding knowledge is required for the user to create the games in Sandbox and people from around the world can be part of this virtual reality.

    The Sandbox - Animoca Brands
    The Sandbox

    The NFT Frenzy in the Game

    Sandbox is empowering its users and players through NFTs. The material gains of the users of Sandbox are through its digital ownership, security, trading, and cross-application of the ASSETS. It gives its users the liberty to develop their virtual LAND as they like for both crypto and non-crypto users and the owners of NFTs in Sandbox can also control the policies of the metaverse as there is no central authority and the owners are themselves the complete authority over their ASSETS.

    Credible Regulations

    There is a regulatory policy in the Sandbox marketplace to ensure equal opportunities for all but it doesn’t hinder the imagination of the creator of the digital world. Sandbox enables its users to use their ASSETS in other metaverse created on blockchain technology. The ASSETS are uploaded to the blockchain ecosystem through the marketplace of the Sandbox and these products are then converted into NFTs. The tokens add to the NFTs to monetize them. The tokens used in Sandbox are of three types; SAND, GEM, and CATALYST. SAND is the primary utility fungible token within the platform that helps in trading ASSETS on the marketplace. GEM and CATALYST show the scarcity and attributes of the ASSETS thus GEM is there to enhance those attributes while CATALYST provides the empty sockets or slots for the GEM to fill in to enhance the asset.

    The SAND and LAND

    SAND is the most important aspect of the Sandbox metaverse as it is the only way to buy a piece of the metaverse or LAND. The LAND is the digital piece of real estate in the metaverse. By using this LAND the owner can create any reality and experience they desire and want. Once someone buys LAND, the complete ownership of the LAND and everything on the LAND belongs to the owner. A total of 166,464 LANDs are available in the metaverse map that makes Sandbox.

    Since there is a limited number of LAND therefore the landowners can also lease their LAND. Renting means that the parties will build fully functional games and worlds on the rented LAND. It is also a method of monetization without much effort. SAND is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain used for all the transactions in Sandbox be it for playing games, buying ASSETS, LANDs, or building or developing avatars.

    The Sandbox - play to earn
    The Sandbox

    Take the Leap

    In order to enter the metaverse of Sandbox, a user needs to create a crypto wallet. Sandbox supports MetaMask, Bitski, and Coinbase wallets. The best of these is MetaMask. To get the full experience of this virtual reality one has to create an account on the Sandbox website using the MetaMask wallet. Although Sandbox is not free-to-play and requires an initial investment, however, you will be able to earn back your investment and way more cash in a short period of time. If you still have not joined Sandbox, stop thinking and do it now before it gets too late.

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  • Animoca Brands – A Winning Story

    Animoca Brands – A Winning Story

    There is always a handful who bear the torch and lead the way in uncharted lands. Animoca Brands is one of those beacons in Web3, digital entertainment, video games, NFT, and the blockchain technology that is leading by example. Most of us who are familiar with games are already aware of this rising video game giant. However, if someone isn’t then delve right with us into the story of Animoca Brands and its fairy tale success.

    Animoca Brands Suffers Ups and Downs Along the Way

    Animoca Brands, like many other gaming companies, took off on conventional gaming focusing on mobile platforms. It was one of the biggest and leading mobile gaming companies in Asia until a tragedy struck in 2012. The company had a solid fanbase for its games with more than 40 million downloads on Apple’s App Store. They were sailing smoothly with annual revenue of over $20 million. However, Apple’s decision to deplatform Animoca due to the cross-promotion of its apps had a severe impact.

    Fate Takes Auspicious Turn for Animoca

    The fate took a turn for good after a couple of years in 2017 when Animoca Brands got into blockchain. Their very first venture was in a cute little meek blockchain and NFT game; CryptoKitties. The company’s decision to acquire CryptoKitties’ developers Fuel Powered and Axiom Zen was spot on. The game wasn’t supposed to be a huge hit when before its release, but it soared in popularity. Right at that time, Animoca also jumped into Dapper Labs and become its shareholders. It was the potential that NFTs have that made Animoca go all in into the domain.

    decentraland - Animoca Brands -video games - blockchain games
    decentraland – Animoca Brands -video games – blockchain games

    After that, it was as if Animoca had a hand of gold, whatever it touched turned gold. Animoca Brands was just getting started with its acquisition of Sky Mavis, the creator of the massively popular Axie Infinity game. Then the company also got its hand in OpenSea in the early days, now OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Besides, Animoca also owns Wax, Decentraland, and Sandbox. All of these are astronomically popular among gamers. All of these major buying and investing came in during 2018 and 2019.

    The Sandbox - Animoca Brands -Web3 - NFT Games
    The Sandbox – Animoca Brands -Web3 – NFT Games

    Animoca Brands Suffers Another Bump

    However, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine after getting into crypto. Another deplatforming or delisting was waiting for Animoca. The company was publicly listed in Australia on ASX. The decision to indulge in NFTs and crypto led to Animoca losing its status on ASX. The event led to crunch time and valuation dropped drastically. But now, the company stands tall with more than a $5.7 billion valuation after several successful acquisitions. It might seem that it’s a walk in the park when it comes to acquiring companies, not for Animoca.

    The Trick of the Trade

    Animoca Brands is a serious prospect when it comes to research and development. Rigorous research takes place before each and every acquisition. The company looks at several different factors like gameplay, game category, market size, market competition, and finally the result of playtesting. Their research layout surely does work if we fare in Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds. Moreover, their success also lies in timing, Animoca Brands is more of a seed investor and series A investor in projects.

    The shopping spree for Animoca continues all year round. Recently, the company entered into partnerships with Yuga Labs, OneFootball, Planet Hollywood, Cube Entertainment, and Untamed Planet. Despite the crypto winter the company didn’t stop investing in blockchain technology and Web3 projects. The mantra is still the same in 2022 invest in projects that are working on open metaverse, conducive, and innovative. Animoca’s commitment to this radical ecosystem is unwavering.

    The Future of Web3 According to Animoca Brands

    Animoca Brands believe that Web3 is an evolutionary phenomenon and it will become the new normal in the future just like the internet. Digital property rights, economic decentralization, and freedom will give become beneficial for billions. Moreover, according to Animoca, Web3 is still in its early days, and its application is also in the nascent stage just like how the internet and smartphones rolled out. They believe that the current market crash will not kill Web3, NFTs, open metaverses, and or cryptocurrency. These are cyclical variations and bumps along the way. The future is only apparent to those who see the broader perspective and consider the technology in the long-term view.

    Animoca Brands Upcoming Titles

    As for the upcoming titles, Animoca Brands is eyeing AAA titles with top-notch production. Titles like Life Beyond, Phantom Galaxies, and new partnerships indicating a football game, have us all revved up and excited.

    Phantom Galaxies

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  • Blockchain Gaming Shows Surging Data

    Blockchain Gaming Shows Surging Data

    According to a recent report by DappRadar, blockchain activity is gaining traction. The number of users on blockchain gaming decentralized applications has seen an upward spike in daily users. The surge appears despite the crypto winter and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Moreover, there are several blockchain games where the daily active users have increased.

    Specifically, there are 7 out of the top 10 games with an increase in the number of “unique wallet addresses interacting with dapp’s smart contracts.” Moreover, the top 5 games on the chart have shown a steaded increase. As for others, the increase in growth came in with a spike, these blockchain games include Alien Worlds, Solitaire Blitz, Benji Bananas, Splinterlands, Farmers World, and Arc8 by GAMEE.

    So, what sorts of games are experiencing the upward projectile? According to the data, out of 10 blockchain games, 8 of them are mobile-first. This medium will surely bring vast strata of gamers to blockchain technology. Moreover, games like Gameta, Benji Bananas, Upland, and Trickshot Blitz are so user-friendly that anyone can earn through them. The hyper-casual model of games is easy to play and has good tokenomics behind them. This way the number of daily active users not only sticks to the fun games but also increases.

    The game with impressive numbers of 2016.54% increase in the past 30 days is Animoca Brands’ Benji Bananas. The game already had a decent user base when it was a Web2  mobile app. The game made a successful transition to Web3 play to earn by adding Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT elements.

    So, why the number of users is increasing during crypto winter? The saying in the crypto world explains it, stack investment during bear, and reap the benefits when it’s bullish.

    In another top development, Sega announces its first blockchain game in collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo. The blockchain game series is known as Sangokushi Taisen, a real-time strategy card game. However, there isn’t any official release date or even platform information about the game yet. The blockchain game will come under the IP of Sega as it will lend its IP to Double Jump Tokyo. The game will let its users to buy, sell, and trade digital items of the game.

    With such big names experimenting with blockchain technology, the evolution of video games is surely underway.