• PlaytoEarn Games List

    PlaytoEarn Games List

    Best Play-to-Earn Games List, P2E Games List: Top Game Lists

    This games list features a variety of video games including P2E gamesNFT gamesplay-to-earn gamescrypto gamesblockchain gamesmetaverse gamesplay-and-earn games and web 3.0 games. By clicking on a link, you will be taken to the page for that specific game where you can find a game reviewvideo game trailersvideo game images, and detailed information about the game, such as the game platform it is on, the blockchain it uses, the tokens it utilizes, its whitepapers, its type of game genre and status of the game development, and its social media presence (such as Telegram and Discord). This information will help you get a better understanding of the game before you start playing. You can also visit our games page.

    Play-to-Earn Games List

    Play-to Earn – P2E 9Tales Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E 9Lives Arena Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Across Lunacia Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Aurory Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Age of Tanks Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E AIFA Football Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Aimbots Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Age of Dragons Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Abeats Hero Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Angry Ape Army Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Angry Dynomites Lab Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Angrymals Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Anichess Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Anomura Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Antebellum Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Autoverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Armored Kingdom Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Arlequin Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Ascenders Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Arker: The Legend in Ohm Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Alpha League Racing Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Ark Rivals Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Arrland Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Avarik Saga Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Apeiron Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Astro Space Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E AFAR Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Angelic Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Arc8 Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Apex Kings NFT Racing Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Axie Infinity Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Axieology Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Axiepop Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Alien Worlds  Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Barbarian Merge Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blood Vessels Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Bullieverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Bitverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blockonaire Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blockstars Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E BlockLords Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blocklete Golf Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Benji Bananas Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Battlepalooza Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E BattleStar Galactica Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Boomland Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blackshot M Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Black Eye Galaxy Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Basic Beasts Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Battle of Guardians Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Big Time Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Bit Heroes Arena Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E BitBots Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Bitbrawl Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E BTC Nations Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blades of Valor Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blockchain Brawlers Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Blankos Block Party Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Cats and Dogs Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Claw Stars Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Crabada Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Champion Hunters Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Carnage Carnival Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Castle Crush Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Cosmic Clash Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E CryptoFights Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Cyball Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E CryptoBlades Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E CryptantCrab Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Crazy Defense Heroes Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Conquest.eth Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Cometh Battle Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Copium Wars Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Chromatic Souls AFK Raid Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Chainmonsters Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Chain Myth Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Chain of Alliance Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Champions Ascension Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Crypto Raiders Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Crypto Unicorns Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Dracoo Master Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E DeFi Land Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Dustland Runner Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E DeVerse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E DeFi Kingdoms Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Decentraland Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Deadrop Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Dark Country Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Eternal Dragons Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Evolution Land Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Ethlas Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Etherorcs Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Ember Sword Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Evaverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Ev.io Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Everseed Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Fableborn Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Forest Knight Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Flowerpatch Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Farsite Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Fancy Birds Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Forgotten Runes Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Farmers World Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Gotchiverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Gunstar Metaverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Geopoly Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Goals Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Game Review

    Play Galaxy Fight Club Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Guild of Guardians Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Genopets Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Gods Unchained Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Heroes Chained Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Heroes Land Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Honeywood Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Highrise Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Heroes of Mavia Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Iron Pigeons Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Influence Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Illuvium Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Jungle Freaks Motor Club Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Kawaii Islands Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Kingdom Karnage Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Karmaverse Zombie Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Legends of Aria Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Legacy NFT Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Legendary: Heroes Unchained Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E League of Kingdoms Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Last Expedition Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mighty Action Heroes Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Moniwar Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E MetaGods Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Meda Shooter Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mytheria Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Metagear Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E MicroBuddies Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Meda Wars Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E MegaCryptoPolis Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Magic of Universe Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mobland Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mir4 Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mini Royale Nations Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mines of Dalarnia Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E MekaApes Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mecha Fight Club Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Mecha World Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Metasoccer Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Monkey League Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Nova Battles Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Nifty Football Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E NFL Rivals Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Nitro Nation World Tour Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Noft Games Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Nyan Heroes Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Nine Chronicle Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Oni Mansion Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Ookeenga Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E One World Nation Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Outlaw Troopers Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Planet Mojo Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Planet Quest Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Prospectors Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Pethereum Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Prizefighter  Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Pegaxy Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Panzerdogs Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Plants vs Undead Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Phantom Galaxies Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Parallel Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Project Moon Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Poly World Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Portal Fantasy Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Proof of Treasure Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Revoland Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Reign of Terror Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Riot Racers Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Raid Party Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Revv Racing Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Rise Online World Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Sadu Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Skate X Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Shrapnel Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Solitaire: Earn real bitcoin Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Supremacy Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Scratch Lords Game Review

    Play Synergy of Serra Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Sorare Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Summoners War: Lost Centuria Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Star Atlas Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Spider Tanks Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Space Misfits Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Skyweaver Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Skyborne Legacy Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E SolChicks Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Sandbox Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Splinterlands Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Speed Star Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Tanks For Playing Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Thetan Arena Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Titan Hunters Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Red Village Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Time Raiders Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Football Club Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Nemesis Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Treeverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Tezotopia Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Tennis Champs Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Town Star Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Medieval Empires: Ertugrul Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Harvest Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E The Nemots Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Undra Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Undead Blocks Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Upland Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E vEmpire: The Beginning Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E WaveLings Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Wam.app Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E War Riders Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Wombat Dungeon Master Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E World of Defish Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Wildcard / The Nemots Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E World Eternal Online Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Wonder Hero Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E X-Metaverse Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Zed Run Game Review

    Play-to Earn – P2E Zeal Game Review

    Play-to-earn games,” also known as “P2E games,” are online games that allow players to earn rewards with real-world value by completing tasks, battling other players, and advancing through various levels. These rewards may come in the form of in-game assets such as cryptocurrency tokens, virtual land, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as skins, weapons, and other items. These games are also sometimes referred to as “blockchain games,” “crypto games,” “NFT Games” or “Web 3.0 games.”

    Check out our list of game developers or play-to-earn games list.

    In blockchain games, players have complete ownership and control over the digital assets they earn or acquire through gameplay. In traditional games, even if players pay real money for digital assets, they can lose access to them if the game’s server is shut down. With blockchain games, this is not an issue because players have true ownership of their assets, which are stored on a decentralized network and cannot be taken away. This means that players can retain their assets even if the game they acquired them in is no longer active.

    The first known game to use blockchain technologies was CryptoKitties, launched by Axiom Zen in November 2017 for personal computers. Axie Infinity was the first iteration of the ‘Play to Earn‘ (P2E) gaming model, which offered players the chance to earn cryptocurrencies by merely playing a game.

    On this game site you will find many game lists of P2E Games, PlayToEarn Games and more. We have created these games lists based on popularity. These games have the use of cryptocurrencies.

    More about W3 Play;

    Previously, only those who were willing to invest in the game could participate in the business model. However, we have recently transitioned to a ‘Play-and-Earn’ model which allows anyone to play for free. This new model has become increasingly popular among developers, leading to the creation of numerous ‘Play-and-Earn’ video games. In fact, more and more such games are being released all the time

    This transition from traditional to blockchain gaming is new and overwhelming for the majority of gamers. There are legit concerns and questions in the mind of avid gamers about this new niche. How many Play to Earn games are out there? Who are the game developers behind th games? Which “play-to-earn” games are live and ready to play? And what P2E games are upcoming? What is Web3? Are they even legit? What P2E games are scams? Which P2E game is best? What does the community say about the game? P2E game reviews, and many more.

    Solving Discoverability in a decentralized World
    Looking for a comprehensive list of ‘Play-to-Earn’ games? W3 Play, a Netherlands-based company, has created an extensive directory for players to browse. Their team of experts has compiled all the relevant information about these games into one place, making it easy for players to find what they’re looking for. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of available ‘Play-to-Earn’ games, W3 Play also aims to capture and archive data about these games for the benefit of the gaming community. So if you’re interested in ‘Play-to-Earn’ games, be sure to check out W3 Play’s directory for all the information you need to make informed decisions.

    The Data Powerhouse
    As the number of developers, games, and players in the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow, the quality and variety of games available are also improving. W3 Play aims to be the go-to resource for information about these games, providing a comprehensive overview of available options to the gaming community. With a focus on community involvement, W3 Play also allows users to share reviews and feedback about the games they have played. Currently, the platform features information about 200 games and 100 developers, with new additions being made on a daily basis. If you’re interested in the blockchain gaming industry, be sure to check out W3 Play’s website for a comprehensive overview of available games and developers.

    How Does W3 Play as a Content Syndicate Helps?
    W3 Play, also known as Web3 Play, is a valuable resource for gamers. In addition to connecting players with games and guilds, it also promotes the adoption of ‘Play-and-Earn’ games. With a focus on personalization, W3 Play aims to provide a personalized experience for every user, taking into account their interests, language, location, and preferences. By connecting gamers from around the world, W3 Play and other similar platforms can help to bring the ‘Play-and-Earn’ model to a wider audience.

    W3 Play’s Global NFT Exchange Plans
    Additionally, W3 Play has a hassle-free and secure mechanism for its users on its own NFT exchange. Players can swap their NFTs from one game to the other. The difference in the value is covered through W3 Play’s own token $WEPLAY. Moreover, players will also have access to a full suite of payment services which include a W3 Play credit card, a crypto account, and a secure wallet via Baanx.

    If you’re interested in ‘Play-to-Earn’, Web3, blockchain, or crypto, be sure to check out W3 Play’s platform. As one of the most trusted sources in the industry, the team at W3 Play has many exciting new features in the works that will be launching soon. Keep an eye on their site for updates and new content.

    W3 Play is a reliable source for information about ‘Play-to-Earn’ games. The team behind the platform is constantly working to add new features and improve the user experience. In the near future, they will be launching a number of exciting updates that are sure to enhance the platform even further. Any questions, try or FAQ.


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    Play To Earn Games

    Play-to-Earn’ games, also known as ‘P2E’ games, are online games that allow players to earn valuable rewards by completing tasks, competing against other players, and advancing through various levels of play. These rewards can include crypto tokens, virtual land, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as skins, weapons, and other in-game assets. These games, which may also be referred to as blockchain games, crypto games, or web3 games, provide players with the opportunity to earn real-world value through their gameplay.

    NFT Games List

    In ‘Play-to-Earn’ NFT games, players have the opportunity to earn income through gameplay. The more they play, the more tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) they will receive as rewards. These NFTs can sometimes be sold for a profit, providing players with a way to generate income through their love of gaming.

    Crypto Games List

    Looking for the best ‘Play-to-Earn’ crypto games? Check out our top picks for blockchain games that offer the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay. Start your journey today and discover your new favorite game.

    Play To Earn Crypto

    If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the latest news and information about blockchain gaming and ‘Play-to-Earn’ crypto gaming, be sure to check out Best Play to Earn Crypto. As the premier source for all things related to this exciting industry, we offer in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest developments in the world of ‘Play-to-Earn’ gaming.

  • What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!

    What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!

    In this article, we’ll explain what NFTs are, how to earn them, the benefits of using them, and more! NFTs are digital collectibles that can be used to unlock rewards inside games or apps. They’re similar to virtual currency, but they have their own unique benefits. So, let’s dig a bit deeper into NFTs and try to understand them with a simple explanation.

    What are NFTs?

    NFTs is an abbreviation for “non-fungible tokens.” Here, the word “fungible” holds the key. Fungible means replaceable, so nonfungible means non-replaceable. So anything that is not replaceable in digital form is an NFT. Let’s understand what the concept behind replaceable and non-replaceable items is in the real world.

    Let’s say that in the real world, we have different commodities that we use and borrow from one another. If someone lends you a dollar, you do not necessarily return the same dollar note. You can return a dollar in any form with any serial number behind it. The same goes with something like gold, wheat, or any other commodity that is replaceable with another of its kind.

    On the contrary, we have non-replaceable assets as well, like the painting of the Mona Lisa. Take, for example, if the owner of the Mona Lisa art painting lends someone the real painting for the time being. He or she will not settle for any other Mona Lisa painting in return because it is unique and irreplaceable.

    So, NFTs are digital art forms that are supported and powered by blockchain ledgers and traded in cryptocurrencies. The token part of NFTs is where the digital art form becomes a token via a contract on the blockchain. So, no two NFTs will ever be identical; each NFT has its own unique ID ingrained in the blockchain, which is verifiable. Upon buying an NFT, the purchaser or owner receives a code that allows the change of ownership as well as validation and verification.

    What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!
    What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!

    Some Examples of NFTs

    Let’s have a look at some examples of NFTs that took the internet by storm.

    Twitter is a world-renowned social media platform. Have you ever wondered who sent the first tweet in history? And what was it? Jack Dorsey was the co-founder of Twitter, and his tweet is the first ever. Jack Dorsey sold the ownership rights to this tweet for almost $3 million. The first-ever tweet was turned into an NFT, and the ownership details and rights are available on the blockchain ledger.

    Similarly, we have other examples of valuable NFTs like Nyan Cat, a JPEG, and many other in-game digital assets. These NFTs sold for a lot of money.

    How do you earn NFTs?

    NFTs are available in many forms nowadays. You can buy them directly from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and several others. Moreover, they come in many shapes and forms, like in-game items in the shape of costumes, cosmetics, avatars, weapons, skins, etc. NFTs also come in digital certificates, music, video moments, etc.

    You can also create your own NFT art and have it registered as yours on the blockchain. You can then sell your NFT on marketplaces, plus the royalty stays with you.

    As for earning NFT rewards, several hundreds of NFT blockchain games are available in the market to play. You can earn NFT by completing quests, winning battles and tournaments, opening mystery boxes, getting early access passes, and more. You can also stake NFTs in games that allow staking. Some of the platforms that allow NFT staking are Splinterlands, Only1, and NFTX. Moreover, there are some games that allow yield farming, where you can harvest and win NFTs or tokens.

    What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!
    What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!

    Why Should I care About NFTs?

    NFTs are a fun way to earn digital assets that have real value attached to them. The Web3 domain is still in its infancy and will mature with every passing year. So, getting into NFTs early on isn’t a bad idea. Furthermore, many traditional gaming companies are entering Web-based NFT blockchain gaming with a play-and-earn business model. This model will allow gamers to own their in-game NFTs and later sell them in an open marketplace.

    Additionally, NFTs bring added benefits like proof of ownership, authenticity on the blockchain, economic benefits, vertical growth mobility, and bragging rights.

    Check out loads of NFT games by clicking here. Also know more about the basics of play to earn games here.

    Stick with us for more on play-2-earn games and keep checking out our website for daily and weekly updates.

  • Play-To-Earn Games: How They Work, What You Can Do With Them & More!

    Play-To-Earn Games: How They Work, What You Can Do With Them & More!

    Play-to-Earn Games is a brand new way to make money while having fun playing online games!

    It’s easy to sign up and start earning today. This newest gaming business model is revolutionizing the gaming world, with the games giving back to gamers a lot more than just fun and entertainment. 

    For the past so many years, video games have acted as an escape from ordinary, boring, and tedious lives. It served the purpose of having a fun time out, however, it is undergoing evolution. With blockchain technology now in play, video games now reward gamers with NFTs and cryptocurrency. The in-game digital assets have a real-world value attached to them, with the ownership rights resting with the gamers.

    P2E games, also known as crypto or blockchain games, are NFT and token-driven. Players have the opportunity to take ownership of in-game digital assets. The developers of the game mint these digital assets into NFTs on a blockchain ledger. So the NFTs are unique, and their ownership is proveable. So, players can trade NFTs in open marketplaces or a game’s own marketplace.

    play to earn games thalon, P2E Games, PlaytoEarn, play-to-earn
    play to earn games thalon

    How Does Play To Earn Games Work?

    Let’s understand the basic mechanics of play-to-earn games and how a gamer can make it a side hustle. One of the most significant differences between traditional games and Web3-based gaming is decentralization. Play-to-earn games are foundationally decentralized in nature. This means that the developers collaborate with the gaming community and adhere to their feedback. Play-to-earn games have discord channels and a player governance system where players share their concerns and take part in decision-making.

    The player’s participation in the game is a continuous feature of play-to-earn games. Every update of the game considers the community’s feedback, which makes it a regular feature. Moreover, giving players ownership over a part of the game also shows how player-centric this model is.

    That is decentralization, but how does it work? Will it cost you something upfront?

    Some of the play-to-earn games are absolutely free to play, and you won’t need any investment. P2E games like The SandboxPoly WorldPortal Fantasy, and many others require no investment, and you can play them for free.

    On the contrary, some P2E games, like the popular P2E game Axie Infinity, require a player to buy NFTs to begin playing. In Axie Infinity’s case, you will need to buy a set of Axies and then start playing the game.

    The idea is simple: the game will reward you with cryptocurrencies or tokens and NFTs that hold real-world value. You can sell these digital assets in an open marketplace and get real cash in return. So, basically, P2E game developers use mainly two types of approaches in a play-to-earn game.

    Pecland metaverse blockchain game play to earn game
    Pecland metaverse blockchain game play to earn game

    Native Cryptocurrency or Token

    In this case, developers start on a blockchain like Ethereum, design one or more tokens, and execute the deal in smart contracts. The native tokens have a real-world value attached to them, but the value fluctuates depending on the market. An example of a native cryptocurrency is AXS and SLP, two native tokens of Axie Infinity.

    Existing Cryptocurrencies

    The other method involves developers rewarding players with existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The upside of using existing cryptocurrencies is that they are well-established and have solid goodwill attached to them. But the downside is that the game requires a lot of grinding, and it takes a lot of time to accumulate one.

    All you need to do is get hold of a digital wallet like MetaMask and connect it with your P2E game, and voila! Start playing and earning.

    What can I do with Play to Earn Games? (And why should I?)

    Well, who doesn’t like to do a bit of side hustle by doing something that they already love? Playing video games is a healthy pastime that allows you to unwind, have fun, and now earn money for lunch. Moreover, there are AAA play-to-earn games already in development, and the fun part will explode in upcoming blockchain games. These games will allow you to own whatever is yours in the game with no fear of being wiped out.

    • You will have ownership and autonomy over in-game items.
    • You will have proof of record over NFTs on blockchain ledgers.
    • You will earn while you play your favorite game by selling NFTs and other in-game assets on a marketplace.
    • You will participate in decentralized governance and have the opportunity to provide feedback to the developers.
    • You will have the opportunity to grab NFTs and NFT collections that are super rare.

    Web3 games or play-to-earn games are still in their infancy. Several big names have already entered the P2E gaming space, and many others are weighing in on the opportunity. Stay tuned for more information on play to earn games and blockchain gaming news

  • Solana Suffers from FTX Fallout, Sony Files Patent Involving NFTs, and More

    Solana Suffers from FTX Fallout, Sony Files Patent Involving NFTs, and More

    In this newsletter, I will cover the impact of FTX fallout on blockchain games. Moreover, we will also cover significant partnerships in the Web3 gaming domain, how Avalanche Gamefi projects are performing, what Sony’s newest patent says about its Web3 direction, and how one of the biggest retailers in the gaming world embraces NFTs. Lastly, how is Gamestop working with Immutable X?

    So let’s start, and I hope you do enjoy reading it and that I shed some light on last week’s affairs.

    • FTX collapse and fallout The Solana Blockchain is imploding.
    • Cryptomon forms an alliance with Unstoppable Domains
    • Avalanche and its solid run in gamefi space
    • Sony files a patent for digital asset tracking in video games.
    • Gamestop NFT marketplace
    • Harmony collaborates with Game Space

    FTX’s collapse and its fallout on Solana

    Blockchain and play-to-earn games on the Solana blockchain are the newest victims of the FTX fallout. Solana’s token, as well as tokens from games like Star Atlas and Aurory, all perished. Aurory’s in-game token has suffered more than 70% damage since the start of the week. As for Star Atlas, its token fell more than 36%. When compared to SOL tokens, SOL suffered a loss of 56%. Some of the other names on the Solana blockchain, like Mini Royale Nations and Panzerdogs, have yet to release tokens.

    Earlier, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried pledged $100 million in gaming projects on the Solana blockchain. However, FTX suffered an implosion in the first week of November as the FTX token price declined. Consequently, it was unearthed that FTX had $9 billion in liabilities and only $900 million in liquid assets.

    Apart from the Solana debacle, blockchain games are largely showing a decrease in trading volumes in the last seven days. This decrease includes major games like DeFi Kingdoms, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

    Nice read is also ; “A Promising RPG Blockchain NFT Crypto Game Called Defi Kingdoms.” Or this article “You Did Not Play The Sandbox? You Should!”

    New Partnerships in Web3 Space

    In other news, NFT-powered Metaverse games developer Cyrptomon enters into a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 domain provider. This partnership will provide Cryptomon NFT holders with a verification badge. These badges will show up on their Unstoppable Domain profiles. Moreover, the partnership will also secure the user’s Web3 identity along with providing them with unique NFT domains in the future with the suffixes “.kryptomon” and “.kmon.”

    In another partnership, Harmony joins hands with Game Space, which will pave the way for traditional Web-2 companies to transition to Web-3. The strategic partnership will considerably reduce the time and cost of on-chain game development. Harmony is a proof-of-stake blockchain company, while Game Space is a one-stop gamefi platform.

    Avalanche’s Stable Run in Gamefi Space 

    The gamefi segment is one Web3 domain that is growing at breakneck speed, and Avalanche is riding the wave. Earlier this week, Avalanche shared a progress report showing growth volume on its gamefi projects. The leading project is Province, with a super growth rate of more than 1481%. The least growth volume also shows a formidable increase of 7.77%. The key takeaway here is that the gamefi segment is enjoying a soaring growth rate. As for its token, AVAX, it experienced a decrease after showing signs of recovery earlier this week. The recovery gains vanished due to the continuous bearish trend during the weekend. So, the AVAX token is still in its lower range at $12.90.

    Sony Applies for a Patent to Track In-Game Assets 

    Big players continue to show interest in the Web3 domain, with Sony getting into the news once again after the previous week. This time, Sony files for a patent that will allow gamers to own unique digital assets and in-game collectibles. The patent was filed in 2021 for a system that tracks digital assets powered by blockchain technology. The patent went public last week. Sony plans to keep a record using blockchain ledgers of digital media assets, gameplay, and video clips of memorable moments with a unique token. The patent filing shows that the multinational technology conglomerate is interested in the Web3 domain, especially NFTs in blockchain games.

    Gamestop NFT Marketplace

    Another big name in traditional gaming enters Web3 with the official launch of its NFT marketplace. GameStop, the largest video game retailer in the world, joined forces with Immutable X to launch its NFT marketplace on the Immutable blockchain platform. It will use a Layer 2 blockchain solution that does 100% gas-free and carbon-neutral minting. Both Gamestop and Immutable X have also launched a $100 million grant for creators of Web3 games. The partnership will integrate the blockchain games that are on Immutable X into the Gamestop NFT marketplace for easier management.

  • How Trailblazer Games Is Leading The Way

    How Trailblazer Games Is Leading The Way

    Today’s gaming news will focus on Trailblazer Games, one of the leading P2E and blockchain game developers, and its upcoming multi-chapter epic, powered by Solana blockchain, NFT game Eternal Dragons. 

    It is often that we forget in bewilderment the person, the team, and the efforts behind the finished product that we enjoy. Today, we turn the spotlight on one such team that is playing a huge role in Web3 gaming. Trailblazer Games is a solid player in the Web3 game industry that holds a lot of promise. The Singapore-based game studio has a team that has plenty of experience crafting AAA games. The studio has recently raised $8.2 million for its fantasy blockchain game series, dubbed Eternal Dragons. Their mantra shows their intent: belong, play, and prosper.

    Blazing Guns with an Able Team

    The studio plans to revolutionize the entertainment industry by leveraging Web3 principles in video games. The founders of Trailblazer Games are serial entrepreneurs with valuable experiences under their belt. Its founders include Bertrand Lamarque, Andreas Risberg, and Alex Arias. They have worked with giants of the industry like EA, King, and Microsoft. Moreover, there is more than 15 years of experience between the founders, where they have added value to two massively popular gaming franchises: Candy Crush Saga and The Sims. The team has extensive experience in building massively sustainable free-to-play economies.

    Rightly gauging the evolution in the gaming industry, the founders join hands to take part and play their role in shaping the blockchain gaming industry.

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    What’s different About Trailblazer Games?

    Besides having a top-tier team, the studio aims to bridge the gap between fun and Web3 principles, which the majority of p2e games lack so far. So, the focus is on the gamers, with an eye toward adding meaning, fun, and value for them. 

    Another important challenge is the acquisition and retention of players in blockchain games. The studio plans to innovate a strategy focusing on user acquisition, engagement, and retention. The plan is to achieve it by leveraging data, blockchain, and AI to make it user-friendly for both crypto and non-crypto gamers. 

    Additionally, the studio will also incorporate a play and own mechanism by introducing NFTs, through which players will own part of the game. 

    Moreover, the studio focuses on iteration execution involving fast-paced learning and its application. The team will achieve it by launching spelled-out experiences and keeping an eye on player feedback.

    Eternal Dragons Blockchain NFT game Trailblazer Games
    Eternal Dragons Blockchain Game

    The Funding

    The studio received funding of $8.2 million this year, led by top investors like Makers Fund, Play Ventures, and Fabric Ventures, among others. The fund has helped Trailblazer Games extend its partnerships and hire more talent to work on the roadmap and development of Eternal Dragons. As of now, the studio has a growing and diverse team comprising 10 nationalities across 6 European states. The team draws on the experience of Wooga, King, Snowprint, and Sorare.

    Trailblazer Games Flagship Project: Eternal Dragons

    Eternal Dragons is a fantasy multi-chapter epic strategy blockchain game with NFTs powered by the Solana blockchain. This gaming franchise will initially launch three games, with the first two being an auto chess battler and a dragon breeding game. The games will be free-to-play on mobile, with a strong emphasis on tactical battle. With the competitive tactical battle genre at its core, the team’s vision for esports is also on the cards. Check out our Eternal Dragon’s review here.

    Trailblazer Games Announces Alpha for Eternal Dragons

    Earlier in November, the studio announced the release of the Alpha version of Eternal Dragons. Moreover, a playable Alpha demo was also showcased at Libson Breakpoint. The alpha of the game will reach the NFT holders by the end of Q4 of 2022. Previously, Trailblazer Games had a successful run with the sale of the Eternal Dragons Genesis collection, where 10,000 NFTs were released. The NFT sale performed surprisingly well and sold out in record time, despite the market’s severe bearish trend. 

    Eternal Dragons Alpha

    According to the roadmap, the first game will enter beta testing next year, after which it will see a global release. Moreover, Games 2 and 3 will enter the development phase. So, in the coming years, the utility of the Dragon NFTs will increase manifold as they will work across the entire Eternal Dragon ecosystem.

    Stick with us to get regular updates on Eternal Dragons and its games. And, don’t forget to check out the game’s Alpha video preview.

    If you are interested in blockchain RPG games, then check out this gaming news on Defi Kingdoms.

  • Crypto Games for Beginners: 4 Things to Keep In Mind

    Crypto Games for Beginners: 4 Things to Keep In Mind

    Today we talk about Crypto Games. For most people, gaming served as a pastime after a long and stressful day at school or work. It was nothing more than just a passive hobby, and everyone expected nothing more than happiness and satisfaction after completing a difficult task.

    But as technology advances over the years, so is the gaming industry. The rise of the blockchain paved the way for crypto NFT games or play-to-earn games, where players can generate income from crypto or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by only using their smartphones or PCs. So, instead of players shedding cash to purchase a game, the developers create opportunities for gamers to make money.

    While this concept is appealing, understanding how it works can still be challenging for many beginners. So, to help you, this article will discuss four things you need to keep in mind about crypto gaming.

    What are Crypto Games?

    Before diving deep into the concepts and terms, let us first understand what crypto games mean. Crypto games, considered the next generation of gaming, let users earn cryptocurrency by engaging in various tasks. For instance, some games give players in-game currency that they can use to buy characters and items that can be sold in marketplaces or subsequently swapped for more common cryptocurrencies.

    Thanks to this concept, the gaming community now has a new option to be compensated for the time they spend playing games. The play-to-earn model has gained much traction in recent months, and more and more players are now joining online crypto gaming groups.

    Currently, players can choose from various game genres in the blockchain gaming sector, including pay-to-play games, which demand an initial investment from players to unlock a specific character or, at the very least, an item. On the other hand, mining games pay out coins to players for producing specific resources or finishing particular tasks. Of course, there are also free-to-play games that you can start playing immediately and earn cryptocurrency.

    4 Things You Need To Know About Crypto Gaming

    Store extra funds in the form of crypto

    Most crypto games are built on the Ethereum blockchain. So, to play a game, you must have funds to purchase Ether. Also, whenever you use the Ethereum blockchain, you must pay a GAS transaction fee. This fee is something crypto gamers will use in every action they do in the game. Your browser wallet will ask you to sign a transaction before you proceed and display the cost.

    But thanks to sidechains on decentralized games, players don’t need to pay fees each time they perform and complete an action unless otherwise stated.

    Choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform

    You’ll need to use a cryptocurrency exchange site to convert your money into Ether, and there are plenty to choose from. Be sure to complete this phase and pick the option that best suits your needs, such as your country’s currency or the payment method you choose. Before diving into it, research everything you need about exchange platforms.

    Use a digital wallet

    Using a digital wallet is the best way to ensure that your crypto is safe. Unlike Paypal or Apple Wallet, a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies saves keys rather than money. Many wallet options enable you to keep keys on your PC, in the cloud, on your mobile device, or even offline using a hardware device, similar to exchanges. Select the option once more based on your unique requirements.

    Enjin Wallet is essential for crypto games as it lets users view items in their wallets. Think of it as an inventory for various games where you can store all your earnings and items collected.

    Select a crypto game that interests you

    Finding a game that fits your interests and budget is the next step after deciding to try crypto games. Finding the best one for you requires investigation, as over 400 active games are currently available online.

    The data tracking websites DappRadar and CoinMarketCap are critical places to keep an eye out for new crypto game alternatives. CoinMarketCap provides information into a game’s token price movements, allowing you to decide when is the best moment to participate in a game, while DappRadar offers insight into the GameFi marketplace based on users and volume.

    Most games are in their alpha or beta stages, as the industry is still extremely young. Be prepared for a jerky gameplay experience, and be ready to see glitches. On the other hand, you’ll join the community that aids creators in discovering what players find most engaging and desirable. That in and of itself is a thrilling experience.

    Bottom Line

    Crypto games combine the excitement of video games with the chance to get paid for your time with actual money. However, no “average” earnings exist, and your returns may vary as with any financial product.

    Play-to-earn cryptocurrency games can be profitable, but they frequently need a one-time financial input and ongoing time expenditures to understand the game and increase your investment. You can have fun with GameFi and receive worthwhile cryptocurrency rewards for your time by completing your research and getting ready to go long.

    Also, remember that every player has a unique playing experience, and we all have various priorities. Crypto games are not for everyone, just like any other genre. But part of the joy is experimenting, fiddling, and widening your gaming horizons.

  • Pulsar: A Web 3.0 MMO Real Time Strategy Play To Own Game

    Pulsar: A Web 3.0 MMO Real Time Strategy Play To Own Game

    In today’s gaming news, we introduce an upcoming, promising free-to-play sci-fi MMO Real Time Strategy blockchain game, Pulsar. This upcoming “play to own NFT game” will entertain hundreds and thousands of players around the world, where players will mine, build, and conquer. It is arguably the first Web3 RTS game with a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, graphics, gameplay, and earning opportunities. So, gamers, rally around and get ready to welcome the Starcraft of Web3 blockchain gaming, Pulsar.

    The game offers spectacular gameplay with futuristic art concepts. The game’s biomes each have their own distinct characteristics and breathtaking immersive environments. Moreover, the game gives off AAA vibes and is powered by the Unreal Engine and Avalanche Subnet. It offers some of the crispiest, most crystal clear, vibrant, and cleanest graphics that a blockchain game has yet to offer. The only other blockchain game next to Pulsar that promises supergraphics in the sci-fi genre is Ascenders.

    The Lore

    With billions of stars and galaxies in deep space, we are surely not alone. There must be civilizations or empires out there that are more advanced in technology, intelligence, and resources. It all began when Earth satellites in deep space received signals — a sound wave with a frequency that had never been heard before. The frequency was named Beacon 0, and the source was Pulsar. 

    In search of the origin, the believers went from planet to planet, established colonies, and extracted resources to continue penetrating into deeper space. Now, the believers have reached the last planet just before the Pulsar System, and in between are millions of light years of distance. So, the explorers decided to populate W12R as it is the last planetary outpost before the start of the Pulsar System. This makes the W12R an important outpost, and the battle to gain control over it has just started.

    Pulsar is Free-to-Play

    The team behind Pulsar is considerate towards players as well as a player-driven economy. The developers have made this game free to play, requiring no initial investment to begin playing. Moreover, the game also lets you play the game even without connecting your digital wallets. You don’t need to figure out wallet configuration, mint NFTs, or any other geeky crypto knowledge to excel in this game. Just download the game and start playing it. Pulsar welcomes Web2 and Web3 gamers alike.

    Pulsar play-to-own blockchain NFT game
    Pulsar Miner

    Pulsar Game Modes

    The game has three game modes as of yet:

    • PvE: Single and Co-op (25th December 2022)
    • PvE: Story Mode in the first quarter of 2023. 
    • PvP: No official date yet

    The game will let players choose different occupations or specializations.

    • Miners will harvest raw resources on the land.
    • The builder will work in the building and craft items.
    • Fighters will ensure the defense of lands and resources.

    Play-to-Own Mechanism in Pulsar

    Pulsar offers players complete ownership of every in-game item they possess. Players will own everything from units to buildings, land and crafts, NFTs, and resources.

    NFTs are upgradeable and will help players in combat battles and production capabilities. This will also increase the value of the NFTs in the marketplace.

    Land in Pulsar

    Land mining is also available, which will monetize the player’s assets. The land will also let players mine NFTs and even lend their land to other players. So, what about land?

    Pulsar play to own blockchain NFT game
    Pulsar Land

    There are four types of lands, or biomes, in the game, and each biome has unique attributes attached to it. Each land has a minimum or maximum of $PLSR in it, depending on the size of the land. Moreover, a land’s size also determines the number of motherships and units that it can host. The land also has resources in it ranging from common to uncommon to rare. These resources will be at the disposal of all players; however, the land owner will charge a tax from players that extract resources.

    The Building Refinery

    The NFTs from the land will need to head to the refinery building, where Genesis Pulsar Refinery will convert raw Pulsar to $PLSR tokens. Resource Refinery, on the other hand, will convert raw resources into on-chain resource tokens. 

    Pulsar Tokenomics

    $PLSR is the primary in-game currency that the players can also mine. The process involves getting raw Pulsars from the land and getting them refined into $PLSR. 

    $GAS is another on-chain token that will help players craft NFTs and also be used in trade.

    Our Take On Pulsar

    The game holds a lot of potential and shows promise, especially on the fun and graphics sides, which are much more appealing. The in-game economy is the real challenge that every Web3 game faces, especially during the crypto winter. However, Pulsar might just be the game that eventually comes up with an innovation where the in-game economy thrives into a robust ecosystem.

    What else is happening in Web 3? Check out our recent news blockchain news here.

  • Poly World: Capture, Train, Fight, and Earn in Upcoming MMORPG

    Poly World is a promising upcoming free to play creature collecting blockchain NFT game. Today, we will introduce you to a magical open-world game that fully utilizes Web 2 and Web 3. The combination of both Web2 and Web3 makes it unique in the gamefi category as it introduces monetization into a rich game world in the RPG genre. So, the game is for everyone, and every gamer can enjoy the game and have fun, either you are a casual gamer, blockchain gamer, NFT collector, or crypto maxis, the game is for you and the ownership resides with you.

    Poly World Game Overview

    Poly World invites gamers to its breathtakingly beautiful open-world metaverse with many magical creatures roaming in it. The graphics meet the high-end bar with a lot of eye-candy visuals and superb textures. The game is an RPG adventure game where you as a player sets on a journey into the Polyworld metaverse to collect creatures from different places. The game has several settings and environments featuring meadows, castles, lavas, starry nights in a jungle, and vast mountainous terrains. The aim is to catch, train and evolve the best polymons out there and battle with others to become the best.

    Poly World: Capture, Train, Fight, and Earn in Upcoming MMORPG
    Poly World

    The game gives a lot of Pokemon vibes where you do the same as Poly World offers. An RPG where you collect monsters, assemble a team, and battle other monsters to become the best. So, if you are a Pokemon enthusiast, you must try this open-world metaverse game with a lot of earning potential in it. You will catch, train, fight, and most importantly, trade your Polymons in this RPG adventure game. Moreover, you can also own land in Polyworld and monetize in any way you like. You can host tournaments, build structures, do events, socialize, and use land resources.

    Poly World NFTs and Blockchain

    Poly World has the vision to bring gamers with them in decision-making and give them true ownership and proper decentralization. The game offers decentralization via its in-game economy and transitions them to real-world money.

    True Ownership of in-game Items

    The game offers true ownership to its players. Whatever a player collects in the game, the in-game item’s IRL will remain with the player forever. Every in-game asset is tradable, tokenizable, and for sale in the marketplace. The game makes it secure for the players by using the Ethereum blockchain network.

    Game’s Cross platform NFTs

    Poly World NFTs are cross-platform digital assets that are usable in other games that are on the Ethereum network. Moreover, the game shall use static and dynamic NFTs. Static NFTs are the Poly World metaverse land that a player will own. As for dynamic NFTs, they will change depending on the player’s Polymon levels.

    Poly World Tokenomics

    The game has two tokens in its tokenomics: POLY and POLYLAND.

    POLY: POLY is an ERC-20 token and is the base token of the game. Players will use the token to make in-game transactions like paying for in-game items, event fees in tokens, tournament fees, etc. The token is also important for creators too as they will buy Assets, Lands, and helps in exploring the game’s metaverse more. 

    POLYLAND: POLYLAND is a digital land in the game’s metaverse. The game offers players land to use to construct, populate, and host events and other activities. LAND is a unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Poly World: Capture, Train, Fight, and Earn in Upcoming MMORPG
    Poly World map

    Poly World Earning Potential

    Players will have the option to stake POLY on the Land under their ownership in the Poly World. This will generate passive income for the Holders. 

    POLY will also let players cast votes in Poly World’s DAO governmental structure giving a say in the game’s matters. Players will have the opportunity to have their say in upcoming new content, game features, or roadmap decision for the future of the game. Check out the Poly Badge NFT’s recent release dates here.


    The game has lands that are backed by blockchain making them NFTs. So, a player can own these lands in the Poly World metaverse. This makes Polylands have two types of lands: player-owned lands and game lands.

    Game Lands

    Game Lands are owned and created by Poly World Company and comprise 35% of all the available land on the Poly World map. This is where all the action will take place related to the gameplay.

    Player Owned Lands

    A huge number of land is available for the players to own i.e. 149,729 plots. There’s also a total of 21,927 plots reserved for partners, creators, and game rewards, so, 12,802 plots are available for players to own.

    Final Word

    The game has a lot to offer to the gaming community in sense of true ownership in terms of NFTs and other in-game digital assets. Poly World Land sale is opening its sale on the 10th of November. So, a timely heads-up for our side to become an early bird.

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  • Play and Own Gaming Model, the New Domain in Web 3.0?

    Play and Own Gaming Model, the New Domain in Web 3.0?

    The blockchain gaming industry is in a nascent stage and still undergoing the evolutionary process. We all are well aware of what this industry promises and how it took off initially.

    The promise of earning real money via playing your favorite game using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Although the idea saw a massive success initially especially the play to earn game Axie Infinity, its ecosystem was and still is under severe criticism and harsh questioning.

    The crashing of Terra/Luna, and the shutting down of Three Arrows Capital, Celsius, and other top companies started a severe crypto winter.

    Play and Own
    Play and Own

    Moreover, play to earn games dwindling fan support, rug pulls, successful hacking attempts, tokens collapsing and more added to the uncertainty and questions about the longevity of the P2E gaming model ecosystem.

    Several major developers also weren’t supporting the idea of play to earn right from the start as it takes away the basic purpose of gaming, which is fun. Play to earn gaming model has at its core the motivation for gamers to earn.

    So, the basic purpose of gaming is lost somewhere between tokenomicsfinancial rewards, and earning real money.

    NFT gaming also has challenges attached to it. Take for example the NFT game F1 Delta Time. It came onto the blockchain gaming stage as one of the most promising NFT games but it didn’t turn out as one. The game ran into licensing problems with the companies it went into an agreement with earlier. The NFT cars in the game lost its utility within minutes and gamers lost hundreds and thousands of dollars. The game abruptly shut down in April this year.

    There is strong speculation that developers are making a transition from P2E games to a newer business model, a model that makes more sense. The game developers are shifting towards play to own (P2O) or free to own (F2O) model rather than play to earn.

    The idea is simple yet elegant. Back in the (g)olden days’ video games went open sourcing with the gaming community experimenting and building in-game assets, maps, characters, environment, etc.

    For example, Counter-Strike, the astronomically popular FPS, had several mods and maps that were made by the players themselves. Some of the maps went viral and were used all around the world. However, the creator didn’t get any monetary benefit from it. The same goes with DOTA 2 which began as a mod of Warcraft 3.

    This mod gave birth to a whole new gaming genre of real-time strategy gameplay. This is where blockchain technology will provide a solution for gamers and creators alike.

    This is where the blockchain game Shrapnel comes in. Shrapnel is a game with a captivating storyline, exciting gameplay, true ownership of in-game rewards and assets, and most importantly decentralized. The game developers of the game welcome input from the community.

    So, the year 2023 will potentially kick-start this transition from p2e games to play and own, free to own games. At W3 Play, we are ready for this shift, as our current domains are focusing on play to earn, our domain portfolio is the largest in the games space. Whether it will be Play2Own, PlayToOwn, P2O (play to own) or F2O (free to own), we are sure we can fasciliate gamers with a large overview of quality games and features that can enable our gamer community to dive in deep. And why not, if it is fun?

    That is what Joseph Derflinger is saying. Play and own games guarantee fun, entertaining gameplay, value for grinding, and NFT ownership. The intent is entirely different when compared to play to earn. Gamers will come in to enjoy and have fun whilst owning their stuff. Read what Joseph has to say about Play And Own

  • Play To Earn Games Coming To A Console Near You!

    Play To Earn Games Coming To A Console Near You!

    Immutable X and Mantisco enter into a partnership that promises a massive shift in play to earn gaming.

    Previously, Immutable X collaborated with solid Web3 projects that already had standings. However, this time the technological powerhouse will support Mantisco who launched a battle royale game in 2020.

    The game is called Hunter’s Arena where players roam and battle in a fantasy open world. The game lets players take complete control of their avatars and allows players to upgrade and level up character abilities and other in-game items.

    Immutable X and Mantisco - Play To Earn Games
    Immutable X and Mantisco

    The revolution that might kick start from this partnership is that play-to-earn games will come to consoles. Hunter’s Arena is available on PS4 and PS5 consoles along with Steam for PC users.

    The game has superb graphics and smooth gameplay but with room for improvement. The play style offers several exciting fight styles with multiple combos. The partnership will make sure players will have ownership over in-game assets.

    Mantisco hails from Korea and is a Web3 game developer. While Immutable X is a big name in the blockchain games industry working on NFT minting and trading.

    Moreover, Immutable X is also working on first of its kind layer 2 rapid scaling solution on Ethereum. This technology will be used to work further on Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth. Besides, Immutable X has other proud blockchain game projects like Illuvium, Gods Unchained, and Guilds of Guardian.

    Hunters Arena: Rebirth uses Unreal Engine 5 and will provide a massive boost to the blockchain gaming space. Hunters Arena is currently available on PS5, however, Hunters Arena: Rebirth will have a scheduled window in the first quarter of 2023.

    Stay with us for more news on the blockchain and, Play To Earn GamesNFT games, and do check out our news blogs and game reviews.