Blockchain Gaming Shows Surging Data

Blockchain Gaming Shows Surging Data

According to a recent report by DappRadar, blockchain activity is gaining traction. The number of users on blockchain gaming decentralized applications has seen an upward spike in daily users. The surge appears despite the crypto winter and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Moreover, there are several blockchain games where the daily active users have increased.

Specifically, there are 7 out of the top 10 games with an increase in the number of “unique wallet addresses interacting with dapp’s smart contracts.” Moreover, the top 5 games on the chart have shown a steaded increase. As for others, the increase in growth came in with a spike, these blockchain games include Alien Worlds, Solitaire Blitz, Benji Bananas, Splinterlands, Farmers World, and Arc8 by GAMEE.

So, what sorts of games are experiencing the upward projectile? According to the data, out of 10 blockchain games, 8 of them are mobile-first. This medium will surely bring vast strata of gamers to blockchain technology. Moreover, games like Gameta, Benji Bananas, Upland, and Trickshot Blitz are so user-friendly that anyone can earn through them. The hyper-casual model of games is easy to play and has good tokenomics behind them. This way the number of daily active users not only sticks to the fun games but also increases.

The game with impressive numbers of 2016.54% increase in the past 30 days is Animoca Brands’ Benji Bananas. The game already had a decent user base when it was a Web2  mobile app. The game made a successful transition to Web3 play to earn by adding Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT elements.

So, why the number of users is increasing during crypto winter? The saying in the crypto world explains it, stack investment during bear, and reap the benefits when it’s bullish.

In another top development, Sega announces its first blockchain game in collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo. The blockchain game series is known as Sangokushi Taisen, a real-time strategy card game. However, there isn’t any official release date or even platform information about the game yet. The blockchain game will come under the IP of Sega as it will lend its IP to Double Jump Tokyo. The game will let its users to buy, sell, and trade digital items of the game.

With such big names experimenting with blockchain technology, the evolution of video games is surely underway.

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