NFT and Crypto Community Face Super Angry Video Gamers

NFT and Crypto Community Face Angry Video Gamers

NFT and Crypto Community Face to Face with Angry Video Gamers.

NFT and crypto integration in video games have a love-hate relationship with the gaming communities around the world. Many have termed these as digital Ponzi schemes, a way to nickel and dime gamers, milk gamers, and what not.

NFT and Crypto Community Face Angry Video Gamers

The community alleges people behind NFTs as trying to artificially inflate the value of any item beyond its true value. Moreover, influencers have also dubbed the practice as selling buzzwords only.

While some have regarded blockchain tech and NFTs as the future of video games.

It’s been a couple of years since the crypto fever has reached its peak. Cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs, and blockchain tech have reached the video game industry with considerable success.

However, the response to new tech wasn’t all-embracing and warm, some have vehemently rejected the idea.

Crypto Community

A recent example where the gaming community was successful in making developers backtrack on NFT decisions lies in STALKER.

STALKER is a popular game and its developers planned to introduce NFTs in the new sequel of the game. However, the STALKER community wasn’t buying it and termed it as just another way to milk the end user.

A solid and successful protest on social media resulted in the company tracking back on its decision.

Another such incident happened with Ubisoft when it launched NFT\’s for its new game, the backlash was severe.

NFT and Crypto Community Face Angry Video Gamers

This has made other companies think well before dipping their toes in the uncharted waters of the crypto-verse. Gaming companies came forward with explanation that bringing in NFTs to the video games wasn’t and isn’t motivated by cash grab.

Matt Wolf of Zynga said, “It really is all about community. We believe in giving people the opportunity to play to earn.”

Video games like Axie Infinity, and CryptoKitties enjoyed spectacular success during the pandemic period where gamers made a lot of bucks.

Moreover, Ubisoft’s Quartz has also provided players to earn while playing games. At the moment there are more than 10,000 digital wallets connected with Quartz, which shows that gamers are embracing the idea.

However, the long-term sustainability or utility of blockchain tech is still under question.

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