Blockchain Technology, Video Games and Play To Earn Opportunities

Blockchain Technology, Video Games and Play To Earn Opportunities

Blockchain Tech, Video Games equals Earning Opportunities for every gamer!

Play To Earn Opportunities are all over the place in 2022.

Video games reign the interactive entertainment domain with more than two billion gamers worldwide. The amount of revenue the video game industry generates is astronomical, Hollywood and sports combined can’t compete with it.

Blockchain Technology, Video Games and Play To Earn Opportunities

Video game giants like Sony, Microsoft, and Activision make billions every year by selling video games and other products related to them. The best thing happening with the video game industry nowadays is that gamers can also earn while playing their favorite games via crypto and blockchain-based games.

Play To Earn Opportunities

This P2E model lets people earn and make hefty bucks via playing games, selling NFTs, and even breeding and leveling up characters.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized data recording system using a ledger that stores information in secured blocks over a network of computers. An irreversible programming algorithm is used which cannot be altered whatsoever.

This new technology is well received in some gaming circles as various developers have launched their blockchain-based video game projects. Some games have launched their own tokens, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies so players may trade and earn while playing games.

Some notable progress in blockchain-based games includes Axie Infinity with its token called Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Moreover, Ubisoft recently launched its NFTs called Digits and provided a platform called Quartz to enable people to engage in transactions. Atari also opened a dedicated division for its blockchain, crypto, and digital tokens projects.

Blockchain Technology, Video Games and Play To Earn Opportunities - P2E

Now, developers are working on creating metaverses with ever more immersion and inclusiveness. More and more developers are embracing the idea of blockchain and metaverse. According to a survey, 58% of developers have already integrated blockchain technology into their projects.

However, it is still a long way to go as cryptocurrency itself and Gamefi video games are facing scrutiny all over the world, especially, in huge markets like China and India. Steam didn’t allow crypto-based games on its massive gaming platform.

Moreover, South Korea has asked App Store, and Play Store to delist games associated with crypto and blockchain-based games.

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