NFL Virtual Store On Roblox

NFL Virtual Store On Roblox

NFL Virtual Store on Roblox; a Step towards Metaverse.

The famous American Football league NFL is now available on Roblox. NFL recently opened its digital store and with this decision, advances in the world of the metaverse.

NFL Virtual Store On Roblox

The virtual NFL store coincided with the ongoing season of NFL which now heads into week 12. The NFL virtual store in Roblox features all 32 teams of the league in the shape of merchandise, jerseys, and helmets.

An exciting item up for grabs is a 3D NFL helmet which is live for a limited time. As of now, AFC jerseys are available and NFC jerseys will launch in December. This is not all as NFL plans add a lot more to its already existing catalog.

However, this virtual NFL storefront is only a teaser of massive projects in line that are scheduled for release next year. NFL’s digital store is developed by MELON studio which has expertise in metaverse development.

The studio has also worked with famous musician Zara Larsson in a virtual concert project. Moreover, the studio also helped Chipotle create a presence in the metaverse space.

The decision will grab the attention as well as the demands of younger audiences and fans of the NFL.

NFL isn’t the only brand that has transcended into the virtual world with its goods. Earlier we have seen huge brands like Nike, Gucci, Vans, and Lego that have built their presence in Roblox.

NFL Virtual Store On Roblox - American Football league

Nike now plans to further expand on Roblox by its recent announcement of an immersive Nikeland 3D space. Roblox is a mini metaverse already in the making with projects like these. A lot is in store for Roblox users, so save your Robux to purchase your items for your avatars.

Earlier this year Roblox went public via the direct listing and jumped to a whopping $38 billion market cap.

Since then Roblox has been doing great and is one of the prime examples of a gaming platform taking lead in creating a metaverse.

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