Animoca Brands Brings K-POP Into The World Of NFT

Animoca Brands Brings K-POP Into The World Of NFT

Animoca Brands to Bring K-Pop into the NFT Space.

K-pop becomes another iconic name to embrace NFT\’s as it teams up with Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong-based blockchain game developer and is behind bringing K-pop to the NFT domain.

Animoca Brands Brings K-POP Into The World Of NFT

Both have teamed up to bring and launch digital collectibles based on K-pop stars and actors. K-pop will add to the list of celebrities that are embracing NFT\’s, recently another popular group BTS is also on the list.

Animoca shared the news at the start of the week and announced that it has entered into a partnership with Cube Entertainment to launch the NFT\’s venture. Cube Entertainment is a popular South Korean talent agency behind (G)I-dle as well as boy band BTOB.

NFT\’s have gained a lot of traction lately, it is digital verifiable asset based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology certifies the authenticity of the digital asset whether music, art or in-game objects.

Animoca Brands Brings K-POP Into The World Of NFT

The joint venture between the two will launch NFT\’s based on music, songs, albums, artwork, and more such stuff of artists associated with Cube Entertainment.

“Kpop is taking the world by storm,” said Yat Siu, co-founder, and chairman of Animoca released a statement. “Here at Animoca Brands, we can’t wait to work with Cube Entertainment and its roster of Kpop artists as we continue our efforts to make the open ‘metaverse’ a reality.”

Animoca Brands Brings K-POP Into The World Of NFT

The NFT\’s space saw a mammoth market trading volume of $4.2 billion last month thanks to celebrities around the world. Animoca has recently acquired unicorn status thanks to its blockchain-based games.

Besides blockchain-based games, Animoca is also actively participating and investing in NFT-related companies. Animoca’s portfolio includes Dapper Labs, CryptoKitties, and Sky Mavis the studio behind the famous blockchain based game Axie Infinity.

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