Blockchain Technology Trending Among Video Game Developers

Blockchain Technology Trending

Blockchain Technology Trending among the United States and United Kingdom Video Game Developers.

Developers have found a lot of potential in the play to earn crypto games. According to a survey, almost 60% of the video games developers are now using blockchain technology in game design.

Blockchain Technology Trending

Blockchain tech is now becoming a popular alternative technology for video gaming developers. Moreover, the rise in blockchain technology’s massive popularity is also due to the soaring popularity of play-to-earn gaming model.

A recent survey showed great insight into video game developers’ attitudes towards NFTs, blockchain, and crypto games.

Blockchain Technology Trending

The survey was conducted by Opinium on American and UK-based video game developers where an increasing number of game developers are now using blockchain tech.

The survey shows that 58% of 197 video game developers in the US and UK have now started using blockchain technology. Moreover, 47% of the developers have introduced NFTs in their games.

The study also suggests that 57% of game developers are interested in a decentralized financial system. NFTs and DeFi provide exciting financial offers to video gamers to attract gamers as a whole and the Crypto community in particular.

Axie Infinity is one such example where it allows players to earn real money via tokens while playing games and leveling up. Axie Infinity’s popularity witnessed a meteoric rise in recent years due to its play-to-earn business model.

Blockchain Technology Trending

It has made more than $3 billion in trading volume since March 2018.

Axie Infinity’s massive popularity has motivated video game developers to come up with innovative and more interesting gameplay.

The survey shows that 61% of video games developers believe that blockchain tech is valuable for the future of the gaming industry. In addition, 54% of the respondents say that offering real money to players is the most important feature which is made possible by blockchain technology.

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