Zynga Blockchain Gaming, Hires Matt Wolf

Zynga Blockchain Gaming, Hires Matt Wolf

Zynga Blockchain Gaming and Hires Matt Wolf as VP.

The gaming giant Zynga catches up with the hot and rising trend of NFT\’s and blockchain gaming by hiring its new VP of Blockchain gaming; Matt Wolf. The new executive is hired to look after and lead the blockchain-based gaming division.

Zynga Blockchain Gaming, Hires Matt Wolf

“Wolf will focus on the opportunity to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology into Zynga\’s existing portfolio and owned IP, as well as to develop games from inception that are built with NFT\’s as part of the core gameplay loop,” Zynga said in a statement.

Matt Wolf was previously VP of entertainment and ventures for Coca-Cola. He was also the founder of a digital agency known as D20. Bernard Kim, the president of Zynga said, “Play to earn will be part of the larger (blockchain) strategy.

That is the key element with regards to incentives for people to engage in a platform, invest in a platform with their time and energy. We want to be where players are, where they’re engaged. We\’re going to meet their needs and desires. So that will be part of it.”

Zynga’s step to include Wolf is a major leap towards embracing NFTs and blockchain-based games. Moreover, being the global leader in interactive entertainment, it seems to be a natural step to evolve into NFT and blockchain-based games.

Wolf will help Zynga explore and locate new markets of NFTs and “legitimize new ownership possibilities for gamers” on Zynga platforms.

Zynga Blockchain Gaming, Hires Matt Wolf

Matt Wolf has also worked on several projects in the gaming industry. Previously, he worked with the likes of Electronic Arts, and Sega back in the 1990s. Besides making progress in the domain of NFTs and blockchain-based game tech,

Zynga also reported its Q3 revenue for 2021 which went up 40 percent year over year. Moreover, Zynga also launched its first title ‘Disco Loco 3D’ on TikTok.

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