Admix Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding

Admix Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding

Admix CEO Samuel Huber said, “We see the internet entering a new stage: Web 3.0\”.

Admix, the London-based game monetization, and ad firm announced that it raised 25 million dollars in a Series B funding round.

Admix Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding

The investment will help Admix to progress and make heads into America and APAC. Moreover, the raised amount is also aimed at developing monetization tools for the metaverse.

Only last year the company raised $7 million in Series A funding. Admix services and operations include bringing ads into esports, games, VR, and AR. The ad model used by Admix is entirely different from the traditional ad method which requires the services of an ad agency.

The company provides ease for advertisers where they can bid programmatically through already placed ad-buying platforms. With the recent investment, Ad-mix will further enhance its operations as well as its ‘in-game’ solutions. Moreover, it also plans to develop tools for the metaverse.

The investments in the funding round came from Force Over Mass, Elefund, DIP Capital, Notion Capital, Rocket Capital, Speedinvest, Colopl Next, and Sure Valley Ventures. Some other participants were Angel investors, Kuvi Capital, and Sidedoor Ventures.

Admix CEO and co-founder Samuel Huber said, “We see the internet entering a new stage: Web 3.0 or the metaverse, characterized by real-time 3D interactions and a new creator economy, spearheaded by the video games industry.

\”We are establishing In-Play as the monetization layer for gaming and the metaverse. While many players in our industry are essentially agencies, Admix is building critical infrastructure for creators to monetize their content in the best way possible.”

Elefund’s managing partner and founder also shared his thoughts, “Sam and Joe are exactly the type of founders we want to work with at Elefund. They created Ad-mix and In-Play with their incredible vision for the future of digital gaming.

Admix Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding

We believe that they will continue to play a significant role in shaping how consumers and businesses exist and interact in what the world will come to know as the metaverse.”

The recent deals closed by Ad-mix are for Calvin Klein, Movember, Schuh, and Sky.

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