Tencent Games & The MetaVerse

Tencent Games & The MetaVerse

Tencent Games to develop Metaverse like Games.

Tencent, a video gaming industry giant, has decided to focus on AAA open-world games just like a metaverse. The video gaming conglomerate has assembled an international team of developers and executives for its new studio.

Tencent Games & The MetaVerse

This new studio is built to develop advanced AAA games that are built on the future of the internet.

Tencent sent an internal memo to its staff around the globe which indicated the establishment of ‘F1’ studio. The new studio comes under TiMi Studio Group and will have employee resources from the US, Canada, Singapore, and China. Moreover, the career page of the company also confirmed new hirings for the ‘F1’ studio.

Tencent hasn’t used the word metaverse for its upcoming ambitious plans. However, it used “AAA, open world” terminology with a focus on keeping the future or the next stage of the internet in mind. Metaverse is a broad term that generally refers to interconnected virtual worlds that people access via the internet.

Last month, Tencent filed to register the trademark of more than 100 metaverse ideas. Some of these ideas are “QQ Metaverse”, “Kings Metaverse”, and “QQ Music Metaverse.” QQ Metaverse refers to the messaging app of Tencent, Kings Metaverse denotes the massively popular Honour of Kings game, while QQ Music Metaverse corresponds to the company’s music streaming platform.

One of the lead graphic designers of Tencent, Mao Xingyun, said that TiMi’s F1 studio’s main inspiration stems from Ready Player One’s Oasis community and Ernest Cline’s novel. He said that forming such a community is “the benchmark target for the TiMi F1 studio in the long term.”

Tencent Games & The MetaVerse

TiMi Studios is a powerhouse in game development with massively popular games like Honor of Kings, and COD Mobile under its belt. The studio has generated more than $10 billion last year.

So, the prospect of going big on metaverse under TiMi Studios is not far from reality.

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