MantiCore Meta-Panels About Metaverse Inside Its Metaverse

MantiCore Meta-Panels About Metaverse Inside Its Metaverse

How about that for Meta? It was an meta-event, hosted by Manticore. In its Core there were talks about Games and Music.

Manticore Games held music, games, and entertainment talks by meta-panels on the subject of metaverse inside its metaverse. What a way to discuss the metaverse.

MantiCore Meta-Panels About Metaverse Inside Its Metaverse

Manticore Games is the creator of metaverse Core which hosts more than 50,000 games and online experiences. Core, similar to Roblox, provides a platform and developer tools to players to create games. However, the difference lies in Core’s visual experience as it uses Epic’s Unreal Engine which makes its features and animations more realistic.

This week, Manticore Games hosted talks on metaverse and integrations of several entertainment industries in it. Several leaders from the industries were present to share their views on the subject in hybrid panels. The talks were focused on the future of virtual entertainment, live music, virtual music events, and how top brands are cashing in on metaverse. The meta-panels streamed within a dynamic Core environment.

MantiCore Meta-Panels About Metaverse Inside Its Metaverse

The talks started with panelists discussing music, bands, brands, fans, and the future of live concerts. Panelists included artists, tech leaders, event builders already associated with digital, XR, and VR experiences.

The event was then graced with Geoff Keighley and Joel Zimmerman also known as Dead Mouse. Zimmerman also released his most recent work in Core and has gone ‘Live’. The panel was then joined by Mxmtoon who worked in Life is Strange: True Colors. Warner Music Group’s member Jillian Rothman and Wondaland’s Mikael Moore also chipped in later on.

The talks then moved from music to games where games and game content experience in the metaverse was discussed. The meta-panel included Rob Lowe, managing director of Lego Ventures Digital Play investment group; Jordan Maynard, CEO Manticore Games; Athena Demos of Big Rock Creative (BRCvr), and Courtney Birk and Ashleigh Coffelt.

MantiCore Meta-Panels About Metaverse Inside Its Metaverse

Frederic Descamps of Manticore Games said, “We are developing, you know, the tools and systems for people to organize all sorts of events in Core. “Everything that you will see in the Deadmau5 concerts is available to all creators,” Descamps added. “There are already features for people to organize events. They can be really anything you want. And you will be there as a player creator.”

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