Pre-Schoolers get Ready, Momolu and Friends Makes it to Nintendo Switch

Pre-Schoolers get Ready, Momolu and Friends Makes it to Nintendo Switch

Momolu and Friends Makes it to Nintendo Switch.

Qubic Games and Ferly join hands to launch an exciting, joyous, and skill-boosting game for preschoolers. Momolu and Friends brand now makes its way to Nintendo Switch after making heads in animated TV series.

Pre-Schoolers get Ready, Momolu and Friends Makes it to Nintendo Switch - gaming news

This time the Finnish animation, publishing, and licensing studio is in a collaborative venture with Polish games studio QubicGames.

Check the trailer of the game!

The game is exclusively designed for preschoolers to enhance their cognitive skills by solving puzzles, and everyday problems. Momolu, an unassuming and friendly panda, along with other animal friends has a habit to run into challenges.

Kids will help Momolu and friends to overcome challenges in an interactive and fun way. The challenges and puzzles are designed to stimulate creative thinking and inspire collaboration.

There are several familiar and entertaining characters like Bani the rabbit, Huhu the owl, Hiko the badger, and Momolu the Panda itself. These characters will run into problems and will require Momolu’s, and your help, to get them out of the predicament.

Momolu encourages its friends to use their skills and strengths collectively to overcome challenges. This will help kids to learn the importance of collaboration, and discover new things, learn new skills, make mistakes, and make progress along with enhancing design skills.

The games include puzzles, memory games, counting, shapes, design, colors, music, fun games, and to top it all, the game also includes Momolu minis (animated short episodes). The game also features combination games where kids will test their knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, and colors.

Memory enhancing games like jigsaw puzzles and classic memory games also serve the purpose. And lastly, kids can also run a smoothie bar and replenish friends with tasty smoothies after they get tired of discovering objects and meeting challenges.

CEO of QubicGames shared his thoughts, “We are glad that we had an opportunity to bring outstanding Momolu’s world to Nintendo Switch. Its educational aspect reflects positive values we like to promote during – QubicGames’ brand focused on family friendly entertainment.

We believe the game will support the natural growth of the youngest players and provide parents with interactive learning tools.”

The game is available on Nintendo Switch from today and is supported on TV, Tabletop, and handheld modes.

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