Facebook Acquires Downpour

Facebook Acquires Downpour - Oculus - Inside Gaming News 24/7

Facebook further Strengthens Oculus Studios via Acquisition of Downpour Interactive.

There are limited tech companies that are investing in Virtual Reality gaming and Facebook is one of them. Facebook has recently acquired Downpour Interactive and added it to Oculus Studios. Downpour is known for its VR first-person tactical shooter game which is in Early Access for almost five years.

Facebook Acquires Downpour - Oculus - Inside Gaming News 24/7

In the previous week, Oculus Studios announced the deal and added, “Downpour Interactive leads the VR industry as a best-in-class example of a developer working in tandem with its loyal community to create the best possible social and gaming experience.” Oculus highlighted the fact that Downpour is particularly successful in the cultivation of a community in VR gaming.


Downpour Interactive

DP Interactive’s founder and CEO Dante Buckley addressed that community and assured that the deal with FB will induce positive outcomes for new players. He said, “With us joining Oculus Studios at Facebook, we can now realize Onward\’s full vision with tremendous support and resources, this means a better game for all our players on all platforms. There are no changes in the hierarchy or in vision, everyone at Downpour is still working hard to deliver you the best game possible.”

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After the DP Interactive acquisition by Oculus Studios, a question arises that whether DP Interactive will continue to work for other VR platforms? Addressing this particular question, DP Interactive assured that it will continue to give support and develop features for non-Oculus platforms.

Facebook buys the studio behind VR shooter \'Onward\' - Inside Gaming News 24/7

The financial details of the deal aren’t made public yet. However, one thing is for sure that Facebook is strengthening its VR capabilities via several acquisitions. These acquisitions are made in a span of two years and it includes Beat Games, Sanzaru Games, and Ready at Dawn. Downpour Interactive is the most recent addition in Oculus Studios and no wonder FB will continue to increase its VR prowess in the future.


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