Increase Microsoft Game Revenues Q3 2021

Increase Microsoft Game Revenues Q3 2021

Microsoft Reports 50% Increase in its Game Revenues in Q3.

Earlier this week, Microsoft shared its fiscal third-quarter report and reports considerable jumps in its game revenues. Microsoft has reported that its gaming revenues jumped to 50% in Q3. Moreover, the continuous demand for Xbox Series S/X has driven the hardware sales up 232%. The company’s overall gaming business increased by 50% year over year.

Increase Microsoft Game Revenues Q3 2021

Game Revenues

In the first three months till March 31st, the company reported that its personal computing division recorded revenue growth of 19% i.e. $13 billion. The division confirmed and gave the due credit to gaming which was the primary driver of this increased growth.

As for the hardware, thanks to in-demand Xbox Series X/S consoles the growth reached a massive 232%. The report also shared that Xbox content and services witnessed an increase of 34% in the quarter. The report said, “driven by strength from third-party titles, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, and first-party titles.”

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Microsoft’s flagship title Minecraft also had a great time as its monthly active users enjoyed an increase of 30% year over year which accumulated to approximately 140 million. The player spending generated more than $350 million, thanks to add-ons and downloadable in-game content of Minecraft.

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Besides the gaming division, Microsoft is having a great year and reported that the whole company is experiencing a similar growth as the gaming division. The cloud services launched by Microsoft received great response due to the ongoing pandemic. The company’s overall revenues went up 19% to $41.7 billion for the quarter. The net income of the company witnessed an increase of 44% and accumulates to $15.5 billion.

With several new AAA titles scheduled to release this year, the gaming division will surely continue to enjoy the upward trajectory. Stay with us for more updates on the gaming industry.

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