Blizzard Possibly Working On An Entirely New Super Game IP

Blizzard possibly working on an Entirely new Game IP - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Blizzard and Game IP.

With the recent developments, it is apparent that Blizzard is working on an entirely new IP. Although, initial speculations about the project were related to Overwatch 2 recent updates have left fans wondering that they may be a bit too hasty about the speculations.

The recent updates contain solid hints that World of Warcraft game studio is working on a new never-seen-before game.

Blizzard possibly working on an Entirely new Game IP

A Senior Artist over at the company behind World of Warcraft, Dan John Cox, shared an ad via Twitter in search of suitable candidates to join their design team. The ad had several posts including Lead Character Artist, Lead/Senior VFX Artist, and a Senior Environment Artist, among some others. In addition to the Tweet, Cox also shared a direct link to Blizzard career hub to further motivate potential candidates. This information on Twitter further adds to the speculation about the new project.

One of the openings on the Blizzard Career hub is for “Mid-Level or Associate Combat Designer.” The description of the opening also reads, “with a broad, extensive player experience with FPS and action games, both single-player and online.” The notable point here is that the position is for someone with single-player experience. So, is there any single-player mode in the original Overwatch? The answer is no. However, the post could also point towards Overwatch 2 which Blizzard hinted earlier that may contain a single player mode.

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In addition to the above post, the Senior 3D Environment Artist position requires the candidate to, “develop a broad range of environments that include trees, architecture, foliage, and highly creative unique points of interest needed to define the visual direction of the game.” This means that the company is still aiming to define a visual style unique to this game.

If you are a hardcore Overwatch fan and Activision-Blizzard follower, you may remember that four years ago Blizzard was looking for a Lead Software Engineer. These all openings may possibly be related to a single project for a potentially original IP. For now, fans are left with either of the two; Overwatch 2 or an entirely new IP. Stay tuned for more updates on Blizzard.

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