PUBG Mobile 100 Rhythms and Amazing 1.3 Update

PUBG Mobile 100 Rhythms and Amazing 1.3 Update - Best Video Gaming News 2021

PUBG Mobile 100 Rhythms: PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG Mobile).

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG Mobile) has released some exciting new updates, game content, and special event celebration for its Season 18. PUBG Mobile Season 18 is live since March 17th and players are all set to make some name in the new season.

PUBG Mobile 100 Rhythms and Amazing 1.3 Update

This time around, players will enjoy exciting and fun new updates such as the music-themed based gameplay, new vehicles, weapons, and a new Metro Royale chapter as the recent update 1.3 is launched.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 – Hundred Rhythms

The 1.3 update also introduces an in-game e-festival of electronic music with a grand celebration to commemorate its third anniversary. This all-new music-themed game mode is known as “Hundred Rhythms” and it will take place in the fan-favorite map; Erangel.

Moreover, upon queuing up for a new variant, players will be given a choice to choose between three armbands on Spawn island. Each special armband has its own unique in-game boosting feature, the armband offers players special powers. Each armband has its one core active boost and two passive boosts by collecting cassettes throughout the map. Moreover, each has three levels; the first level is achieved when the armband is selected by players in the lobby. The other two levels are achieved and upgraded while in the game with the collection of cassettes.

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This means that if you select Recon Knight ability as your power then you will achieve its level 1 which is Sonic Scan. This will let you find all the campers within a limited radius where the Sonic Scan is thrown. So upgrading from Sonic Scan to Encore, you will have to find a cassette and as soon as you get your hands on a cassette, an upgrade option will pop up.

PUBG Mobile Season 18’s full Royale Pass costs $9.99 which will let you have all rewards and a speedy progression. However, if your free time is limited, the Elite Pass Plus will cost you $29.99.

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