Valve bans 37 Counter Strike professional coaches

Valve bans 37 Counter Strike professional coaches - Best Video Gaming News 2021

In a drive against cheating, Valve banned 37 Counter Strike coaches!

Global Offensive professional coaches that were caught cheating via spectator bug. Among these 37 coaches, four coaches are slapped with a lifetime ban from CS: GO Majors.

Valve bans 37 Counter Strike professional coaches - Gaming News

Last year in August, a CS:GO major ESL suspended coaches of Hard MIBR, Hard Legion, and Heroic following an investigation conducted by the Esports Integrity Commission. The investigation proved that the coaches were found guilty of exploiting a spectator bug. The bug let the coaches spectate from anywhere on the map without the opposition knowing. But that wasn’t all; the cheating was widespread and this bug was exploited by at least 37 coaches. counter strike

ESIC also sanctioned these coaches through a standardized “sanctions and concessions matrix.” This matrix takes into account the demerit points based on the frequency of the bug usage. The more the demerit points the harsher the punishment but with the exception of concessions. The concession part includes aiding the investigation or to be more precise; snitching. Besides aiding, if a coach confessed to his crime then he/she will also get some sort of concession.

FBI and ESIC Investigating Match Fixing in CSGO - Best Video Gaming News 2021

There are four tiers of sanctions ranging from a ban of five months to three years but that was not all. Valve imposed penalties of its taking into consideration of ESIC’s demerit points system.

  • 2 demerit points will lead to a suspension of 1 Major
  • 3 demerit points means banned for 2 Majors
  • 4 demerits will lead to a ban of 3 Majors
  • 5 demerits means banned for 5 Majors
  • 6 or more will lead to a permanent ban

Moreover, Valve further modified its rules, “Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match.

Only until recently, ESIC suspended several CS: GO players for betting on matches, and now coaches got banned. The regulatory authorities surely are playing their role in making esports corruption-free.

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