YouTube Gaming crossed 100 billion watch hours in 2020

YouTube Gaming crossed 100 billion watch hours in 2020 - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Youtube Gaming stats 2020!

Today in this gaming news update some more stats.

The year 2020 has proved to be the banner year for YouTube Gaming as it has crossed the 100 billion watch hours mark. The viewership numbers for YouTube got doubled since 2018.

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Gaming is reigning supreme in the entertainment industry and has become one of the most important aspects of the entertainment business. And this is now apparent in this year\’s YouTube Gaming statistics.

Ryan Watt, YouTube Gaming head published a blog post this week and shared some exciting statistics. According to the post, users on YouTube have watched an astonishing 100 billion hours of gaming content which is double the amount when compared to 2018 figures.

Now let\’s get into some more details, shall we? Among 100 billion hours, 10 billion were from YouTube live stream gaming, an indication of a strong competition between Amazon’s owned Twitch and Google. YouTube Gaming has surely surfaced as a strong and formidable competitor in the world of live gaming streams.

There are some interesting facts; the most-watched game on YouTube was no other than Minecraft. Minecraft had a mammoth 200 billion views of live streams and uploaded videos this year, leading by a huge margin. The next game was Roblox which had 75 billion views and the rest of the games were Garena Free Fire (72bn), GTA V (70bn), and Fortnite (67bn).

YouTube Gaming crossed 100 billion watch hours in 2020

There were more than 350 gaming channels this year that broke the threshold of 10 million subscribers, 1000 channels that made it to 5 million subs and 80,000 channels hit 100,000 subs. The blog post further shared that the total number of active gaming content channels are now more than 40 million.

This towering surge in gaming content is mostly due to the ongoing pandemic and worldwide lockdowns. Twitch and Facebook Gaming have yet to release any reports, but we are sure that they too will share some record-breaking numbers.

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