Google Stadia Starts Direct YouTube Streaming for Stadia Users

Google Stadia Starts Direct YouTube Streaming for Stadia Users - - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Google Stadia and YouTube have joined hands. 

Google Stadia is all set to fulfill its biggest promise of letting its users live-stream games directly to YouTube starting from today.

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Google Stadia and YouTube have joined hands to make the gaming experience more enjoyable and shareable thanks to cloud computing. This technology is so amazing that you would be able to join your favorite YouTuber’s game with just an invite from them.

Moreover, content creators would be able to stream their gaming content instantly with just a push of a button on the controller.

None of these features were available at the launch i.e. November last year. And today is the day when every Stadia user will live stream their content directly to YouTube.

However, users will need to make a few settings before streaming games to YouTube. According to 9to5Google, first, you will have to name your stream, a catchy title would suffice. Second, you have to check settings like whether your stream is appropriate for minors (children’s protection rules).

Google Stadia Starts Direct YouTube Streaming for Stadia Users

Starting this feature just before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t get more ideal. Given the costly next-gen consoles and next-level graphic cards for PC would break more than your bank, Google Stadia is the savior.

But it will surely be Google Stadia’s biggest test yet and one on which the company is counting on; buying Cyberpunk 2077 with a full set of free Stadia hardware for a limited time. Now is the time for Google to show the world that what it is capable of and what its technology can do by making people successfully stream Cyberpunk 2077 from Stadia to YouTube.

If Google Stadia passes this test, this would definitely be one of the biggest achievements in cloud gaming technology.

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