Big Sur which is also known as macOS 11 is the latest operating system for Mac machines

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MacOS Big Sur has finally passed the beta testing phase and Apple has officially announced its general public release.

Big Sur which is also known as macOS 11 is the latest operating system for Mac machines. It is the first and only operating system that supports Macs built with both Apple’s M1 processors and Intel. It offers a great improvement in Mac’s desktop interface Finder, games and apps, and the Safari web browser.

One of the most obvious changes that you will are the cosmetic ones. The user interface has been given a refreshed look with visual cues that were missing in the previous OS. Moreover, Mac users on Apple’s M1 CPU support will also enjoy an added benefit of running iPhone and iPad games and apps on their systems with resizable windows and support for trackpad/mouse controls.

In addition to the user interface, Apple’s Safari has also been upgraded with a translation feature, support for extensions developed for other browsers, much better-browsing speed, and efficient power consumption. A flagship feature known as Privacy Report is also added that quickly alerts users about the websites that systems are using and blocks them instantly.

Big Sur which is also known as macOS 11 is the latest operating system for Mac machines

Big Sur is the first version of macOS that is specifically coded for Apple’s CPU i.e. M1 and that is why it appears much faster we are talking about waking your machine up in an instant. As for M1, it is not just an upgrade, it’s the game-changer. With a 5nm chip packs 16 billion transistors and an 8-core processor, it seems that Apple will be successful in taking a giant leap in performance per watt. M1 also packs an outstanding 8-core GPU that is sure to deliver double the performance whilst using only a third of the power.

The new macOS Big Sur will be released tomorrow and we are excited to experience this new winning combo.


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