Worldwide XR Game Revenues Report Q3 of 2020

Worldwide XR Revenues Report Q3 of 2020 - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Worldwide XR Game Revenues Report Q3 2020 is in

Some interesting insights in a report recently published by SuperData about the revenue generated by XR worldwide in Q3 of 2020. Let’s dig into the report of XR Game Revenues and crunch some numbers, shall we?

The best seller in Q3 was the original Oculus Quest VR headset and their sales are yet to surge with the release of the Quest 2. There were a total of 161k units sold in Q3 despite the shortage of stock at the retailer end. Moreover, with the upcoming holiday season, gifts culture, and low prices all are set to push Quest 2 sales up and beyond. And that’s not it, Facebook’s discontinuation of Rift S will result in a mass migration of potential Oculus PC headsets to Quest 2. As for the expected sales for the device, it is estimated to cross 3.0M in 2021 from a prior estimate of 2.6M.

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Some good news for PC VR games in the report which shows a massive rise of 119% year over year from previous years’ $86.1M i.e. $189M. This was made possible with the help of some top-notch title releases like Half-life: Alyx, total revenue generated by PC VR games in 2019 is less when compared to Valve’s title total revenue alone this year. In addition to Valve’s title, we have Star Wars: Squadrons contributing to the PC VR revenue, and a much-anticipated title Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond which is set to release in December this year will also add a lot to the PC VR earnings.


Worldwide XR Game Revenues Report Q3 of 2020

Moreover, there are some positive signs shown by the report related to investments in the VR and AR companies. The projected investment this year is estimated to reach $915M which is still less when compared t 2019 which was $1.0B. But the outlook is still promising as it crossed the prior estimate of $830M for 2020.

Finally, the report also shares insight on the widespread consumer adoption of AR/MR headsets and states that it is not happening until 2023 despite tech giants investments and projects like Facebook’s AR glasses.



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