Switch will outsell PS5 and Xbox coming Holiday Season

Switch will outsell PS5 and Xbox coming Holiday Season - Best Video Gaming News 2021


The holiday season is around the corner and yes, it is one of the most important occasions for everyone around the globe. And for us gamers, this holiday season is going to be fantastic. There’s plenty in store for gamers; Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and several awesome games ready to make our holidays worth the while.

The race is between PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch and there are several predictions about the winner. NPD’s Matt Piscatella shared his extensive analysis in this regard and predicts that Nintendo Switch will outsell Xbox Series X/S and PS5 this Christmas season.

Moreover, he also added that this year will also shatter all previous records of US games spending of over $50 billion, jaw-dropping figures ladies and gentlemen.

He believes that the lack of stock for the next-gen gaming consoles will give Nintendo the necessary advantage, especially when it comes to Xmas gifting. But despite this disadvantage, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X will sizzle and keep millions of gamers happy.

He further added that due to the pandemic and lockdown situations, there will be reduced spending on the sports events and theme parks could see more money flying in on consoles and games for family and friends this holiday.

Switch will outsell PS5 and Xbox coming Holiday Season

Piscatella further added, “A surge in video game players and engagement through the spring and summer months depleted market inventory of existing hardware while fueling a corresponding surge in content and accessory spending. The impact of these changes is expected to continue throughout the remainder of the year.\”

Despite all the uncertainties in the video games market, full-spending projected this year will reach $50 billion, which would break previous records and make 2020 the best gaming year for the US market.

So no holding back guys and girls, let’s prepare for the ultimate video gaming this holiday season.

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