Call Of Duty Cold War is coming August 26th

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Call of Duty Cold War is upon us! Check out COD Cold War.

Ladies and gentlemen, especially the Call of Duty fan-base, Call of Duty Cold War has broken the internet after the release/leak of its official trailer, COD Black-ops Cold War. The trailer, which took the gaming fraternity by storm, called ‘know your history’ confirmed that COD Cold War is a thing now and is going to be revealed worldwide on August 26. The COD players worldwide are getting crazy and so am I. Let us hop the hype-train and see what is in store for us.

Inspired by actual events of the Cold War, the trailer has created a lot of hype and excitement. The information at the end of the trailer was significant, “the disaster is coming”, “the danger is real”. For the past two weeks, COD players have been getting a lot of teasers and easter eggs related to the Cold War.

Call Of Duty Cold War

Every single day the players were able to access a brand new bunker within the warzone map, yes, Modern Warfare warzone and Black-ops Cold War have a crazy connection. Inside these bunkers, there have been ciphers, codes, and different things that players needed to decode to figure out stuff about this trailer. And a final bunker revealed tactical nukes ready to launch in the warzone map, yes you read that right, the hype is real.

Call of Duty - Black Ops - Cold War - Call of Dutch Cold War

After seeing the trailer there comes a lot of questions to the mind, Is the game next-gen? What does the game look like? And what is the name of the game? (COD: Black-ops: Cold War?) We are going to see the official reveal of the game on the 26th until then there isn’t much to share, of course, except the game’s tagline, “Know your history or be doomed to repeat it.”

Activision also promised that “Warzone will be tied to future games in the Call of Duty series…” and I think that it might start now. Get ready to pick sides as the danger is real.



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