Yoshinori Ono Leaves Capcom after Almost 30 Years

Yoshinori Ono Leaves Capcom after Almost 30 Years - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Yoshinori Ono has left the the building (of Capcom) after 27 years! The man behind the Street Fighter Series.

Capcom has just had big shakeup right now as iconic Capcom figure. He was the Street Fighter Series executive producer, and one of the leading figures who helped in the resurrection of Street Fighter after 2008 when Street Fighter 4 came out.

Reading Yoshinori Ono’s announcement on Twitter made the Street Fighter fan-base and gaming industry sad but at the same time, it’s a chance for some big changes that could be good for the game, or who knows Ono’s ouster turns out to be worse for Street Fighter.

There were certain rumors on Twitter before Ono’s announcement and now it seems that those rumors had facts into them. The rumors stated that Street Fighter 6 didn’t go well with the internal management and especially with the testers and Ono was heading the project as Executive Producer. Due to this internal criticism and rejection, Ono got replaced by someone else to fix the mess. This caused a further delay in the game and to cover it up new season pass for SF5 has been announced. The rumor has it that the new man in charge is doing wonders.

Yoshinori Ono Leaves Capcom after Almost 30 Years - Best Video Gaming News 2021

If we buy this rumor, a lot of things make sense. SF6 was originally due next year, but after we got the information about the season pass it was clear that this isn’t going to happen. Initially, the delay was thought due to the pandemic situation but apparently, this is not the primary cause. The reason behind this is Ono and SF6 development issues.

Yoshinori Ono

Every time a big gun leaves a company, it leaves a bittersweet memory but it would be interesting to see where Street Fighter franchise would head after Ono. Ono was the driving force and quite passionate about the Street Fighter Series and rejuvenated the whole game. Let’s see how Capcom will take Street Fighter from here, will they only milk the current games or bring something new for the fans.


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