Kongregate is saying goodbye to flash games

Kongregate No More Flash Games - Best Video Gaming News 2021


Gaming publisher and flash portal Kongregate announced a series of changes coming later this month which resulted in the layoff of multiple employees and the closing of submissions for new titles on the site, as spotted by GamesIndustry.biz.

As of Wednesday, the site which has been around since 2006 is no longer accepting new game submissions to its massive flash library of more than 100,000 titles. The company cited an increased focus on its own game development as well as the declining popularity of flash games as the reasons behind the shift.

Kongregate No More Flash Games - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Some employees took to social media to announce they were laid off from the company, with some noting that this occurred without any notice and stating that they were informed via their direct deposit. It is not clear at this time how many employees were impacted.

Kongregate’s existing portal of 128,000 plus titles will still be available to play, and developers will also still be able to update their games already on the site.

The company also announced other changes set to take place later this month on its website, including the disabling of several social features such as certain chat rooms and non-gaming forums. You can find the full list of changes here, which are set to take effect “on or around” July 22.

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